So I walked into class this morning to find a little old lady posing naked on a table.

So I went to my 8AM art class this morning and had an unexpected surprise:

That’s right: Today, I woke up, went to class in a haze of sleepiness, and walked in to find this tiny old lady standing on a table in her birthday suit.

I mean, okay, I’m in college. I’m a girl. This is a drawing class, so I was expecting it eventually.

But man, combine sleep deprivation with unexpected nudity and you have one very confused Vy.

And I proceeded to sketch her for the next 3 hours.

(Still, I think we all got over it pretty fast.)

15 thoughts on “So I walked into class this morning to find a little old lady posing naked on a table.

  1. I should not even be asking this, but that hasn’t stopped me before.
    Was the woman in her bathing suit, or full-blown GAAHHHH!! Your post Confucius- I mean, confuses me. WOW, if he heard me say that, he would Attila my Buns!!
    You know, cause “till” means to plow and Buns are my butt. Kinda like that old lady’s butt. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! hahahaa. heh. lol. please don’t kick me off. (seriously, you said that she was naked, then said she was in a bathing suit (I’M SORRY! I HATE POINTING OUT MISTAKES (politicians are the exception, of course), but now I have know, since you told us and everything))

    Look nudity!! I mean…….I got Jimmy Corrigan!!! YAAAAHHHH!!!!! Unfortunately, I’m stuck on page 6. You know how the comic often has you turning the book sideways to read. Well, on Pg 6, you see a house on the top left, but it is turned sideways, so then you turn the book, only to find that now the picture that was on the bottom left is now on the top left, BUT that picture is now sideways, so you must turn it back to look at that picture, BUT THEN you realize that the picture on the top left is sideways again so you turn it back. Yeah, I’ve been stuck in this enigma for half an hour and I can’t read the comic until I figure it out. NNNOOOOOO!!!!! (seriously, excellent comic. It is unlike anything I have ever seen.)

    • So you Confucious pun is kind of the best thing I’ve seen all day. Granted, it’s 7:35AM as I am typing this, so I still have the whole day to see better things. But that was hilarious!!

      And the lady was full-on, full-frontal naked! I think I said that she was in her “birthday suit,” not her bathing suit. Birthday suit is slang for nude:

      YAAAAY YOU GOT JIMMY CORRIGAN! It is definitely very confusing at times! The page layouts can get weird and dense, and Jimmy has fantasy sequences constantly, and then it randomly changes to different time periods! But it is totally different from all the comics I’ve ever read. I hope you can enjoy it regardless!

      • Yeah, you definitely said “birthday suit” there. Me and my bad eyes. Speaking of eyes, what if I had eyes like Mihawk. That would bananas!! Like, not normal bananas, but the kind that can fly and talk and beat up evil meatloaves.

  2. Hehe I totally had that feeling first semester of my drawing class in freshman year. We had an old lady at first, but then we had an old man who had a leaky tap…that’s all I’m going to say.

    • I’d estimate that she was in her mid-60’s, which, as a college student, definitely counts as old for me.
      You bring up a good point, though! I should be careful about who I call “old,” especially since my parents are in the 50’s 😉

      • Lol. well my thought was that I wouldn’t call her old in her 40’s; I shouldn’t in her 60’s. Do admire you for being able to draw well. I can’t do that and have always wanted to. I guess I will settle for writing decently.

      • Old people, yeah. There are, like, kids who call us college students old, so apparently even we are elderly. Of course, living in places like China and Japan make you live longer due to the high intake of fish and the distribution of food. So their 90-year-old’s are like our 60-year-old’s, but really their life expectancy can beat ours by a mile.

        And, since we’re talking about life expectancy-OH WAIT, NO ONE CARES!! (except for those stupid “living” people, of course). Jimmy Corrigan is AMAZING!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! It can be so sad at times, and then when it’s funny, it is like, “Uh, can I laugh here? Or would that make me a bad person. Because that was funny, but this is kinda a serious part, so haha, I guess.” BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I don’t even read it like I read One Piece and stuff like that. I have to read it very slowly, taking like 2-3 minutes a page, looking at every detail, or else I feel like I would be doing Chris Ware a disservice. Later, I will read the Walking Dead comics. HAHAHA!!! COMICS ARE AMAZING!! AND BESIDES FOR A FEW MANGA LIKE ONE PIECE, YOU HAVE RECOMMENDED “ALL” OF THE COMICS I AM READING!!! THANK YOU VY!!!!!!!

        • YOU’RE WELCOME!! IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE ENJOYING JIMMY CORRIGAN!! I’m always hesitant to recommend it to people, since it’s so different from typical comics– like you said, it gets weirdly serious, has a lot of dark humor, and at times is just plain uncomfortable! So it makes me super happy that you can share the Chris Ware love! 😀
          THE WALKING DEAD! I need to read that series! Unfortunately, my library only has volume 6 (for some reason) so I will have to find a way to read them!

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