Who is this chick, anyway

I’m not very good with proper self-introductions. But let’s give it a shot. There’s about three things that you should probably know when reading this blog:

1. My name is “Vy,” pronounced like “Vee,” like the letter. Not “Vie.” Yes, I know that there’s a movie called “V for Vendetta.” I’ve seen it. I even read the comic, in fact.

2. I love comics with a burning fiery passion.

3. I am in fact in college, as a biology major, but I do not have any idea what to do with my life or what career to pursue. I don’t think “making craptons of money” counts as a clear-cut, tangible goal.

I think that should cover the essentials. If you’d like to know more, however, here are some supplemental details:

4. I’m still undecided between chocolate and cheese as “the greatest foods ever created.” Your thoughts would be appreciated on this one.

5. I own a Golden Snitch necklace that opens to reveal working clock. Along with other various items of geekery.

6. I fricken’ love my readers. Whenever I meet people, you know, in the real world, they’ll often sheepishly reveal to me that they “stalk my blog.” That’s what it’s there for! Read! Comment, even! Seriously, to hear people’s thoughts– and to know that people can actually enjoy my poorly-drawn tirades– makes it all worthwhile.

So I think that should suffice. Self-introductions are exhausting. Oh, and for those who are curious, this is what I look when I’m not a 2-D, freckle-faced, poorly drawn cartoon:

Pretty much.

16 thoughts on “Who is this chick, anyway

    • Pikachu is the King of Cute! Funny story– that Pikachu’s not actually mine. I was in an amusement park when I saw some guy carrying that Pikachu around…. so I literally chased him down (aka: running) and asked to take a photo. WORTH IT! 😀

  1. When I first saw this I thought that the person that was the “2-D, freckle-faced, and a poorly drawn cartoon” was Pikachu. Then I realized that there was a girl standing by the giant stuffed animal. I had a Luffy moment. But then again I am Straw Hat Luffy.

    • One Piece is the greatest TV show of all time!! And, yes, I am including other greats like the Legend of Korra, Breaking Bad, The Twilight Zone and Fullmetal Alchemist. Oh, yeah. Great comic. It is hilarious!!

      • Nice to meet you, Luffy! 😛 One Piece really is the best TV show ever, even against your excellent selection there. I’m glad you could enjoy my comics, and thank you for reading! 😀

  2. Note: Everything you know, or think you know is a lie.
    Warning: Question Corner is not real in the sense that you should care about it. Don’t be mistaken, everything in Question Corner is real; it is just in a different universe, so you need not worry about it.

    Question Corner is copyrighted; we just don’t know by whom.

    Me: OOOHHHH!! Chocolate or cheese? Very good question. However, could this question really be answered without a proper introduction to both foods in many of their varieties? NO! It couldn’t. So, let’s bring in my own personal taste-tester!!
    Eiichiro Oda: What? Where am I?! HEY, IT’S YOU!!
    Me: That’s right, Oda-san or chan or ban or-
    Oda: SENSEI!! I’m older than you, so you need to address me by Oda-sensei!
    Me: What? Really?
    Oda: YES!! IT IS PROPER ETIQUETTE! You should know this, since you were saying it right a few hours ago.
    Me: Ooooohhhh, no. It’s been way more than a few hours. We’ve been driving like this for days if not weeks.
    Oda: WHAT!!!
    Jerry: Sir, you shouldn’t scare him like that. Or he’ll never agree to our experiment.
    Me: You’re right! Here, Oda-man! Eat this.
    Oda: What! No. I’m not eating any- (I stuff cheese into his mouth). Mmmm. That’s actually really good. What kind of cheese is it?
    Me: Huh. Oh, we don’t know. We just stole the stuff from various cheese companies.
    Scott (driver): Yeah, and the Italian mafia were surprisingly generous with their stash.
    Jerry: Yeah, the American mafia only care about crappy drugs. I mean, if your gonna have drugs, at least make them quality. I once got this stuff from a guy in Baltimore-
    Me: Okay! Let’s keep this PG-rated. You know, for the kids. Here try this, uh, “European” chocolate.
    Oda: Gah!! That’s stuff nasty. What is it?!
    Me: Oh, uh, Scott! We use the bathroom “outside”!! With, like, toilets and stuff.
    Me: WHAT?! No no no no no. I just felt like reminding Scott of proper restroom etiquette. I mean, who wants to be “the guy” who goes around offending people, ya know?
    Me: HAHAHA!! Gotta watch out for Jerry. He’s one mean SOB with a machine gun.
    Oda: He killed them all?!
    Me: What? No. I just mean that he cries a lot when playing Call of Duty, but he’s still a really good player. Oh, yeah, try this chocolate.
    Oda: Aaaahhhhh. (saying this with mouth wide-open for food)
    Me: Oh, so now you’re cooperati- OUCH!
    Oda: I’ll bite your hand off. Kinda like Arlong.
    Me: That reminds me my little brother just finished the part with Arlong and Cocoyashi Village (he really did (I mean in real life)). He loves that show so much! I’m so proud of him. (sniff, sniff).
    Oda: Like I said, freaks!
    Scott: Yo, “Me”-
    Me: You don’t have to call me “Me.”
    Scott: Sorry. Yo, “You.” What’s the census. I mean, ’bout the chocolate vs. cheese thing.
    Me: Oh, yeah. Well, Oda-gan.
    Oda: You guys only gave me one of each, but I like the cheese, so, I guess I would have to choose CHEESE!!
    Me: There you have it folks! Eiichiro Oda’s personal choice!! CHEESE! So, when craving a late night snack go get some of that delicious yellow/white/green stuff. Hope you enjoyed Question Corner!
    Oda: You know, I don’t mind you using that title as much as I used to.
    Me: Thank you, Oda-sensei. And thank YOU. Didn’t know a perfect Halloween song? Here’s one of my favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGB0d3sLSP8
    And the original. Kids click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARP6PRsChBc
    Gotta love Marilyn Manson.

    HAPPY ALL SAINT’S DAY!! (13 minutes late, of course)

  3. Chocolate and cheese are both the greatest. However, the term “epic cheese” is famous while “epic chocolate” is not. On the other hand, I love chocolate more, but cheese has less carbs so I can eat more…
    I am now dizzy,

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