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3 thoughts on “Follow! Contact!

  1. Hi, Vy. Just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your travel anecdotes and especially your hand drawn comics. Like you, I’m also a Vietnamese American. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to travel there once I finish graduate school. How do you think the Japaneses view Asian Americans, in general, based on your short time there?

    • From my short experiences there, it’s hard to say! From what I’ve experienced, the Japanese won’t be as starstruck by your foreignness– since you’re Asian like them– but will still be interested in getting to know you and learn about your experiences. I felt as though, while I was in Japan, I had the option to “blend in” or be a “gaijin” whenever I pleased, which was nice. Non-Asian foreign visitors don’t get that option.
      So, from what I’ve seen, the Japanese are fine with Asian-Americans. You won’t enjoy the same celebrity as, say, Caucasians in Japan, but I didn’t experience any discrimination while I was there. Rather, the Japanese seemed to view me rather neutrally.

  2. Vy, I am glad that I found your blog by accident, but it is so hilarious. Every angle I look at, your writing is simple, but deadly funny that everyone can’t help but laugh. You are gifted, and you are the next Dr. Seuss! You got some comical gene from your dad. By the way, I am your parents’ friends, but from now on I am your subscriber. Please write more, and more!

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