I will never be an organic chemist, but I sure can draw spoons and cups. (Things I learned in college)


I’m done. I’M DONE! And I will be for quite a while, since next semester I won’t be taking classes. Instead, I’ll be on co-op full-time.

Which I might as well be. This semester has burned me out. 

The classes were harder, everything was time-consuming, I took on too many part-time jobs again…

But it’s fine! Because college is a learning process, and I sure did learn a lot!


In her advanced writing class:

post 100 image 1

In her genetics class:

post 100 image 2

In her organic chemistry class:

post 100 image 3

Alright, so that may be an exaggeration. (Besides organic chemistry.) But to be honest, I really only enjoyed one class this semester. Of course, it was the class that had nothing to do with my major at all: Drawing Foundations 1. But it was that class that I feel as though I learned the most!

I think.


How to draw a naked old woman.

Remember this lady? Well, here are the results of my labor!

post 100 image 4

(My parents: “Why is she so saggy?” Me: “WHY DO YOU THINK?”)

How to draw lots and lots of kitchen utensils.

I refuse to draw another goshdarn cooking tool for at least a month. Here’s why:

post 100 image 5


Charcoal is the silliest drawing medium out there.

…because every time I use it, I end up looking like this:

post 100 image 6

Okay, I did learn real things, I swear. I improved! I really did! I mean, my self portraits went from this

post 100 image 7

to this:

post 100 image 8

Also, I can draw imaginary cities now!

post 100 image 9

Really, though, this is the class that was the most… fulfilling to me, I guess. All my biology classes are full of boring, Powerpoint lectures, useless memorization, and seemingly pointless information. They’re challenging, but for the wrong reasons. My art class pushed me out of my comfort zone, forced me to think and draw in ways I hadn’t before. It was tough, and at times I wanted to give up– I even considered dropping the class– but in the end I really tried hard to produce good drawings.

It was worth it, I suppose.

post 100 image 10

Happy holidays, everyone!

8 thoughts on “I will never be an organic chemist, but I sure can draw spoons and cups. (Things I learned in college)

  1. And a very happy festive season to you too! Well done on your A in drawing (and more importantly, on discovering something about yourself).

    I know what you mean about feeling burned out. When I studied for my engineering degree, I really struggled with the workload and the difficult material, failed some exams, and felt like everyone else was somehow a “natural” engineer and I wasn’t. Well, I stuck with it, went on to get a doctorate, and 20 years later my colleagues look up to me and think I am very good at what I do.

    Well, that’s my story, not yours, and you don’t have to stick with anything that’s not right for you. Just saying that struggling and feeling out of your depth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the wrong track.

    • Thank you!
      And being a freshman in high school IS hard! It’s a huge jump from middle school. I remember struggling with the increased workload and harder classes, so you’re not the only one who finds it hard.

  2. First off, Merry Belated Christmas!

    Also, congrats on all the hard work paying off this semester! Your drawings DO look great. I know Bio and OChem and Genetics (ewwwww) are a bitch and a half but it WILL pay off…and it’s never too late to change your major. 😉 ha. Great job, Vy!

  3. Oh hush, I don’t think it’s even possible for you to suck at something!! You are smart and talented and wonderful! Not gonna lie, I kinda teared up a little over your prof saying you have talent. I’m so proud of you, Vy-chan!

  4. Reading about this and how you felt about drawing actually reminded me of this arc I saw on TV; this Asian character wanted to be a dancer, but his dad wanted him to be a doctor. In the end the father realised that dancing was his calling, and promised to get him into the best dance schools. It was sweet.

    Maybe the way you feel about the drawing class over others shows that drawing is your calling. Some of those pictures of utensils you drew are awesome. That feeling’s how I felt in high school when I was learning Japanese, at least. I’d be fluent now if I’d been able to see it to the end.

    Writing’s something I feel strongly about too, at least. I just wish I could be better at Japanese too.

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