Minus One. (#134-140)

5 thoughts on “Minus One. (#134-140)

  1. I was going to mention the switching of people to speech bubble, but I see someone else already did it so never mind.

    So, let me think, I think my favourite bit might just be Max stuffing his face with celery. Emotional eating with vegetables. Wow, that’s some dedication!

    And now….as for Max and Maggie…excuse me while I loudly sigh and scream “Awww” about fifty times. That’s adorable! And the last panel–um, can you say supermegaawesomecutenessadorable? If so, square it and you’ve got the level of adorableness. I’m glad to see things are working out.

    Anyway, they were all adorable. Love it.

    • Yesss I’m glad you liked it! I’ve never done anything with romance before so I wasn’t sure how well I could pull it off. 😀

      And yeah– the switched bubbles were my bad! I guess at that point I was getting careless. I’ll have to fix it sometime!

  2. So… you guys already mentioned the speech bubble bust and the celery of sadness. Um…yeah. Beat me to it….Ahhhhhhhh….I see the small smiley face is still there. Love your comics. And…uh.. I’m trying to lucid dream, so…that’s something… I think. Peace.

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