Imagination versus reality

Have you ever imagined yourself doing something awesome? Then, did you try to do it? And did the results not quite match what you had pictured?

That’s a bit like what I’m doing right now. I think I mentioned, a couple of times, my good ol’ weight-loss-comic-making job. At the moment, I have 117 out of 366 comics completed. Quite a a lot, in my humble opinion. But that quantity was only made possible by the slipshod quality.

I mean, I picture the characters looking like this:

But of course, drawing the characters like that every single time would be a huge investment of time and effort. So instead, they look like this:

Whatever. Simplicity is fine. I’m just trying to get my point across, not win an Eisner. Although I think I’ve pushed it to the limits with some of my drawings…

That's snow. Falling. Outside that window. Can you tell?

Also, that is a poor excuse of a gym in the back there.

I ran into a similar problem over winter break. I was trying to sew myself a garment. Mind you, I’ve never sewn any clothes before. I didn’t even know how to use patterns. Interfacing? Basting? Hemming? What’s that? Still, I was unrealistically hoping to achieve

Instead, I ended up with

But you know what? It’s fine. Well, on a more superficial level, I’ll fix up that sewing project when I come home for spring break. But the crappy comics? The terrible drawings? The innumerable times reality falls short of your expectations? Who cares? Expecting something out of yourself is never a bad thing. Just accept it when your efforts turn to shit– and know that the experience will help you next time around.

At least, that’s what I’m aiming for. Terrible comics now, awesome comics later. The only hope keeping me going as I draw this absurd comic. There’s gotta be some intrinsic value in it, for sure.


11 thoughts on “Imagination versus reality

  1. Everytime you run into a questionable on your work or your field, read “the chinese bamboo tree” article and think it would take 10000 hours of work/practice to be great.

  2. I liked ur drawings, i think theyr cute. and i could definitly tell that that was snow. and dont worry about sewing, it gets easyer as you go along.

    • Haha thanks! I’m glad you could tell it was snow! Yeah, sewing is definitely something that takes experience… I’ve already learned a lot just from sewing that one thing. It’ll be better next time!

  3. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR NOSES?! DID THEY FALL OFF; OR WERE THEY EATEN?!?! Oh, you just don’t usually draw their noses. Phew, I thought that some horrible epidemic was going around. Another Luffy moment. That really was the first time I noticed that they had no noses.

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