Red-eye buses

I decided to save some money and take the “red-eye” bus back to Boston– aka the bus that departs at midnight and arrives at 7 in the morning. The idea is, you get on, you sleep, and you wake up at your destination! I’m usually pretty good at sleeping– but sleeping on the Megabus is a torturous experience.

And I thus spent my night tossing and turning in a dehydrated state. I did make it back to Boston in a timely fashion, however! The advantage of the red-eye is that there isn’t much traffic. Thank goodness, because I decided to return on the morning classes start. So I made it to calculus on time– though I don’t think I absorbed much, since I was too busy doing this:

Now, I’m back to school and busyness! Hopefully this semester will be even better than the last!

10 thoughts on “Red-eye buses

  1. I know how u feel 🙂 any time i go on a trip I leave at like 5 in the morning and the trip nomally takes about 10 hours 😛 try doing that in a loud, cramped car.

  2. LOL! Red eye ANYTHING can be a real pain. I’ve actually never been on a transport bus (and after reading this post, I think I’ll stick with flying) I’ve only had one red eye flight my entire life, which was when I was 8 and flying back to the midwest to see my dad with my sister….and he forgot to pick us up at the airport. Great, right? I was so pissed (and so was my mother, 2000 miles away) because I just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep after a long night of tossing and turning on an airplane…and yet I had to stay awake and deal with airport security until my father seemed to remember that he was supposed to do something that morning. . .XD RAGEEEEE

    Anywho, glad you made it back to Boston alright. Let the mayhem begin!

    • That sounds terrible! I thought it was bad whenever my parents forgot to pick me up from school! I’d be raging too.
      And yes indeed! “Let the mayhem begin”– I think that’s the perfect phrase for what’s about to transpire this semester! (aka, DARNIT ORGANIC CHEM) 😛

      • I nearly took Organic Chem this semester! Good thing I didn’t, haha. I’m taking General Chemistry Lab over the summer to get it out of the way.

        • That’s a good idea! Taking summer classes is always a good idea… at Northeastern, it’s even required due to our co-ops. I wonder if my school has ochem over the summer…

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m not laughing at how sucky that was, because that really is just a crappy situation, more at the fact that you walked into the men’s bathroom. Did you actually do that???

    Oh Vy, I feel for you. Hopefully you catch up on sleep.

    • I don’t kid about these things! I was seriously about to walk into a stall until I noticed the urinals lining the wall. I was pretty delirious. Dehydration and sleep deprivation will do that to a chica.
      No worries, though! I passed out later and got my z’s! (You do the same, yo!)

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