Red-eye buses

I decided to save some money and take the “red-eye” bus back to Boston– aka the bus that departs at midnight and arrives at 7 in the morning. The idea is, you get on, you sleep, and you wake up at your destination! I’m usually pretty good at sleeping– but sleeping on the Megabus is a torturous experience.

And I thus spent my night tossing and turning in a dehydrated state. I did make it back to Boston in a timely fashion, however! The advantage of the red-eye is that there isn’t much traffic. Thank goodness, because I decided to return on the morning classes start. So I made it to calculus on time– though I don’t think I absorbed much, since I was too busy doing this:

Now, I’m back to school and busyness! Hopefully this semester will be even better than the last!