I get outclassed by a school dance

Major nostalgia happened last weekend.

Northeastern, every winter, holds a little event called Snowball. Formal attire. Dinner and a dance. The works. My suitemate and I, looking for an excuse to get “all dolled up,” decided to check it out.

And it’s basically a classy prom.

The event took place in the Westin Copley Hotel, which is an absurdly swanky hotel attached to the equally swanky Prudential Center. Walking there, then, took us past a number of stores made everyone feel a little more broke:

At the hotel, we were served a three-course meal. A meal whose menu looked like this:

The meal was indeed delicious, though. And classy. We even got tiny forks, knives, and spoons to eat our dessert with!

Afterwards came the less classy part of the night: the dance. A bunch of sweaty college kids crammed on a tiny floor shakin’ it up with some DJ from Europe. It was fun! Well, except for this part:

The crowd was bombed with fistfuls of glowsticks. Which is fun, until you get hit in the eye. One girl in my group got a direct hit, which hurt her so badly she fell to the floor.

Meanwhile, I was glowstick hoarding:

And my friends and I thus had a very lovely night. In conclusion? I would do it again! It was a definite step up from my high school prom, where we had self-serve buffets, not waiters, and a smaller dance floor for even more kids. (My graduating class was over 1,000 kids.) And I did note that Snowball had a distinct lack of slow songs– so there was none of that awkwardly-standing-around-while-everyone-around-you-is-making-out deal. Wow. Forever alone for me.

But it was fun anyway!