I get an Asian haircut

Haircuts are a risky business.

Cosmo (I admit, I’ve read a couple of issues) put it this way: “A haircut is an accessory that you have to wear every day. You’re stuck with it. It’s an investment.”

True. So true. For the longest time I would get haircuts from cheap chains like Great Clips or Supercuts. These were the days I kept my hair short. I would usually end up looking like this:

For seven or eight dollars, what do you expect? And the truth is, Asian hair has a different quality to it. Mine’s rougher. Thicker. Potentially poofier. The voluminous hair some crave I dread.

But a few years back, my problems were solved!

My family was in Toronto Chinatown. I needed a haircut. I saw one for $12.

Best decision ever.

All my previous haircuts looked like this:

But Chinatown? They get Asian customers. They know Asian hair. When I got my hair cut in Toronto that day, it looked like this:

…and afer that, I always got my hair cut in Chinatown. They will attack your hair. Brutalize it. Make sure it lays flat. It’s awesome.

Chinatown haircuts are a gamble, though. Usually the hairdresser’s English is less than perfect.

So more often than not I’ll walk in, sit down, and roll with it, with variable results. I once got a haircut in Boston while wearing neither glasses nor contacts, so I was completely blind. Meaning I couldn’t see the haircut in progress.

The end result:

My strategy? Bring a photo! It makes it a lot easier. Take my most recent haircut, for example…

Still, it’s an big improvement from the bowl cut of my grade school days.

My hair grows quickly anyway. One bad haircut is no big deal, because in a week it’ll go back to this:

I  just stopped by Chinatown to get a haircut, so I had to write this post. By the way, using a photo of a video game character totally worked. I’m quite pleased with the result.

12 thoughts on “I get an Asian haircut

  1. I think “No” looked pretty cool xD

    Also…. as one who has worked in a hair salon… you’re one of many who bring pictures of anime characters…. VERY MANY. (Mostly guys though)

      • I remember at least five guys bringing in cosplay/anime Sasuke in various levels of undress. I’m pretty sure some of them had no idea who it was… others… hahahaha. Oh, and one girl who brought in a pic of Miku and another girl that brought in a picture of Cloud xDDD

        • A girl brought in Cloud?! What? I… why would you want that as your normal hairstyle? So high maintenance! Reality doesn’t have video game physics to keep your hair perfect as you battle Sephiroth amongst broken buildings with your 7 different swords (ahhh… Advent Children…)


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