I gain the freshman fifteen during Thanksgiving

Who said college gives you the freshman fifteen?

I finally got to go home to the Philly ‘burbs this weekend. NU’s Thanksgiving break, granted, isn’t that long. We only get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off, not the whole week like some schools. And I was a good student and didn’t skip any classes (I totally should have) so I returned home on Wednesday.

Traveling is expensive. A train ticket from Boston to Philly is anywhere from $60 to over $100, one way. Want to fly? That’s at least $100. The service on Greyhound is not worth their prices. Yeah. I’m a poor college kid. I prefer to take the Megabus, which, if you book tickets early enough, can be as low as $1.50 one way. Thanksgiving is a time when everyone travels, though, so my tickets cost $84.50—but my tickets to for winter break cost $12.00 total, both ways. Not bad.

So my high school friend and I got to enjoy an excruciatingly long journey from Boston to Philly! It was a wonderfully delayed, traffic-stuck ride.

So, two hours late, our bus pulled into 30th street station. From there, I took the regional rail home for another hour to reach my family after a good 9-hour trip.

I could finally start my break! And it ended up looking a little like this:

And at home, I don’t have access to a gym, so instead of exercising I passed my time like this:

So my break was, really, quite nice! Seeing my family and friends is always a delight. But now it is back to school, and I must deal with upcoming finals. Terrifying. Can’t it just be winter break yet?

10 thoughts on “I gain the freshman fifteen during Thanksgiving

  1. 9 hours costing $84.50…. I died. But not nearly as much as you died. I applaud your endurance. Who was the highschool friend? Anybody I know?

    DOUBLE THANKSGIVING? You live in a beautiful world ^.^

    • Do you know Andy Vong? My only highschool buddy in big, bad Boston! Well, not really– there’s NP kids going to other Boston schools– but my only NP buddy at Northeastern!

      MMM THANKSGIVING! Easily the best dinner of the year.

  2. This was like my weekend…but without the traveling! Holiday travel is such a pain, so I feel you there. Takes forever and everybody’s in a bad mood…c’mon, people!

    I ATE SO MUCHHHH. . .I mean, so much. . .I went for a four mile run to burn off the sluggishness, but then I ate again, so that was a lost cause. Lucky for me, though, I stepped onto the scale on Sunday night and still weighed a cheerily-freakishly-skinny 90.5 pounds! The universe loves me! 😀 (still waiting for the freshmen fifteen over here)

    And I hear you on Final’s week. So. So. SO not looking forward to it. But hey, no matter what, next semester is a new semester! New classes, new people. I’m taking English 1c (critical thinking), Math 52 (advanced Algebra), and Marine Ecology. . .yuck. Do you have your schedule yet?!

    • I DO! I’m taking… Organic chemistry 1 with a lab, calc and diff eq 2 for biology majors, plant biology, and… ELEMENTARY JAPANESE 2!! (The one class I’m excited for) Marine ecology sounds cool!… then again, I’m a biology major. Yum science!

      Eating is always a wonderful thing! I wish I could say I gained nothing during break… but I gained back precisely as much weight as I lost since being here! I was actually quite impressed by my own eating capabilities. I also wish I had your endurance for running… I’m dying by the end of a mile. (Sad, I know.)

  3. Dude, hating the prospect of finals right now. Freaking. Want. To. DIE!
    But, you know, I’ll live, maybe.

    Seriously, Thanksgiving was awesome and terrible. Love the food; hate the consequences. I ran like 1.5 miles every day on my treadmill. Gotta love the body image issues!

    You’ll kick finals in the face, we all will! Can’t wait to see you Vy, and as always, love the blog 😀

    • YOU WILL SURVIVE! Melissa, du bist mein ZUKERMAUS! You will not only kick finals in the face but also knee them, punch them, and give them a good uppercut to the jaw! Hey, at least you made an effort to burn the food off… I sat around and fermented all day! Body image issues?! Your body issue is that when you walk down the street, ya knock out all the boyz from yo’ HOTNESS GURRLLLLL

      CAN’T WAIT UNTIL BREAK! It will be a joyful reunion!

  4. Assassin’s Creed II, beautiful choice. 😀 I remember playing that game! Yeah, good times. Wait a sec. You’re not one of those people who got angry with Activision and didn’t play Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, ARE YOU?! Because those games are necessary to the storyline. However, I do think I remember you saying that you really love Ezio, so there is no reason for me to doubt you, right?
    Oh, and I watched this show: Elfen Lied. And while it had a great love story and the combination of the gore and violence with the love story was nice, is it normal in anime for cousins to, like, hook it up? Because that happened in the show and I was always like, “Te Heck! YOU ARE COUSINS! THAT IS WRONG! But still does that happen often? Ever seen the show (watch, if answer is no). And, like I have said recently, watch Gravity Falls.

    Some regards and stuff,

    • IS it normal in anime for cousins to, like, hook up? Incest, from what’s I’ve seen in manga, it seems to be more common in Japanese comics than American comics for sure. Heck, I even saw a girl advertising a “little sister” cafe in Japan. Make of that what you will. I haven’t seen Elfen Lied, but I heard it was good!

      More importantly, I just wanted to let you know: I just watched the first episode of Gravity Falls and it is FANTASTIC! It somehow managed to strike a balance between dry, sarcastic, witticisms and children’s humor. I am totally watching the rest when I get a chance!

      • To be more specific, Elfen Lied did not actually have an incest; however, it did have two cousins start to genuinely love each other in a non-lustful way, but that is still WRONG!

        But screw that mess. YAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! YOU WATCHED GRAVITY FALLS!! And look out for crazy, super-secret mysteries in that show, or just look ’em up online. That show is one of my favorites that I am watching right now.

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