I get married at 18 (and divorced two days later)

I had a wedding!

It was a beautiful thing.

Though I only got married because of my roommate. She had to shoot a video for her Intro to College Writing class illustrating the flaws of marriage. She asked me to be her bride, and I agreed.

The first step was to get a wedding dress. I didn’t own any white dresses, and my roommate’s only white dress was a short, breezy sundress. Outside, it was cold and windy. Thus, my “wedding gown” looked like this:

Then came the problem of the veil. We had no fancy gossamer cloths, no semi-translucent silks to stick on my head. Nope, we’re improvisational college students. Thus, I wore

Thus, my dear hubby and I (aka my roommate’s friend from her theater club) got married at the Christian Church of Science. Apparently we looked pretty legitimate. Passerby stared. The more audacious pointed. A worker at the church drove up in his golf cart and asked,

My roomie took a few videos and photos of us prancing around like happy newlyweds. They turned out… well, shockingly realistic looking, in fact. Here’s just a few:

Our life as a happy couple was not to last long, though! Two days later, my roommate filmed our dramatic arguments and tragic breakup.

I’m not an actress, nope. She ended up filming me from the back so nobody could see that I was secretly cracking up. My “husband,” on the other hand, is extremely good at improv, so he made up for my lack of talent!

So now… I am sadly divorced. So, so terrible.

It was quite a fun project. If you want to see my roommate’s completed film, check out the video below!