My not-so-secret project



If I don’t post for the next week and a half or so,

don’t be alarmed.

There is a reason for this.

very good reason.

There’s a project I need to finish in the next week and a half that is of vital importance.

Extremely important.

I swear.

What, you ask? What is this project? 

No, no. I can’t tell.

Ok, fine.

I’ll give you a hint.

A couple, since I’m feeling generous.

1. It has something to do with this post.

2. I’ve poked myself many, many times doing this project.

post 116 image 1

3. PAX East in in about a week and a half.

post 116 image 2

4. I don’t make a very good blonde.

post 116 image 3



I’m sorry! I just really need the time to make a Hylian shield! Is that too much to ask?

Fine, so this project is neither of great importance nor great secrecy, especially given my super-cool interests. In fact, you might as well just see where I’m at so far. It’s not done, and it sure as heck doesn’t live up to the crazyhigh standards of typical Link cosplayers. But I made it, and therefore it is my own!

post 116 image 4

I’ll have better photos when it’s done. Until then, I’m SUPER psyched for PAX! Any Bostonians hitting up PAX on Saturday might see me wandering around!

9 thoughts on “My not-so-secret project

  1. AAAHHHHH!!! THAT’S SOOOOO COOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!! You gotta like, find a Zelda and a Ganondorf and be all TRIFORCE!! I would want to be Whitebeard “when” I go to one of those things!! HAVE FUN AT PAX EAST!!

    • I WILL TRY. There’s DEFINITELY gotta be a Zelda and a Ganondorf somewhere, right? Legend of Zelda is TOO popular for there NOT to be. And if not at PAX, then absolutely Anime Boston!
      You should totally go to a convention! I’m sure there’s got to be a gaming or comic or anime/manga one somewhere in your state, big or small. Cons have been spreading for the last decade, because they’re totally fun and a great way to geek out for a weekend!

  2. One of my wishes that I may yet see to completion is to play once again my created world as a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons. I never did cosplay, but it might have been fun. I did go to the big gaming tournament in Indy years ago and saw a lot of it. Fabulous stuff! Have fun! Take pics! Give us a post!

    • Secret: If I hit the START button, not only can I easily grab my iron boots, I can also get my clawshots, slingshot, bombs, arrows, Zora armor, and multiple bottles of potion easily and somehow they all fit in there no problem!
      Really, Link’s satchel has to be on the same level as Hermione Granger’s bag! XD

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