Minus One. (#253-259)

8 thoughts on “Minus One. (#253-259)

  1. Oh, and speaking of manga, wait…. we weren’t talking about manga? As I was saying, Spice and Wolf is now my favorite manga. (Note: the term “favorite manga” only refers to a manga I am currently reading or have recently read. It assumes that the manga is already finished, and the word “favorite” is not absolute, as things like One Piece and the Dragon Ball series will always reign supreme.) But, yeah, I would really recommend this series to anyone who reads manga.

      • yeah…. you’re gonna wanna brush up on your medieval economics……………………………………….. no… seriously. like the altering of the quality of coins and the changing of currencies due to said altering. yeah, it get’s into stuff like that.

        • Aaaaaahhhhhh!! The entire internet is convinced that there are only 24 chapters of Spice and Wolf, but I just saw on Wikipedia (moderately trustworthy) that are currently 41 chapters and still coming out. Why won’t you update Internet?!

            • I’m reading The Breaker, a manhwa about a bunch of people who know martial arts who beat each other up all the time! It’s not too bad, though I don’t think it’s amazing either. I think I’m going to start Spice and Wolf tonight!

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