How some wooden floorboards changed my life (And 6 other things you might find mildly amusing)

I’ve been nominated for another blogging award! And by “award” I mean another blog chain-letter, you know, like the last one I did. This time I’ve been nominated by the awesome kindredspirit23, the same blogger responsible for this post. I’m very flattered that he picked this site again! The rules are, this time, to basically write a post announcing your nomination, nominate some other bloggers, and write seven interesting things about yourself.

Whoa! Hey! Whenever I do those “get-to-know-people” icebreakers, I have trouble coming up with one interesting thing, much less seven! Well, I’ll give it a shot. Sorry if they’re not the most exciting facts ever!

post 115 image 1

post 115 image 2

(Okay, so Battle Angel Alita wasn’t the very first comic I read, though it was the first manga. At the time, I didn’t even realize it was Japanese! It was– and still is– very inspiring to little ol’ me, though.)

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post 115 image 4

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Whew! Thanks again to kindredspirit23 for the nomination. And now you know!

Edit: AHHHH!! I forgot to nominate other blogs!! I’m a terrible person. Ok, here are 15 blogs that I particularly enjoy! I think these are for… the “Very Inspiring Blogger” and the “Versatile Blogger” awards? And, nominees, don’t feel any obligation to put up your own post. This is more of my way to show my love for these sites!

  1. Stuffgradslike
  2. Undeaddad
  3. Ramblings of a Foolish American
  4. Just Me & My Dad
  6. The Chronicles of a Skinny-Jeans Wearing Toronto Girl
  7. Reasonably Ludicrous
  8. The Nomad Grad
  9. notlateone
  10. Live, Nerd, Repeat
  11. A Word From Japan
  12. You know you’re over 40 when…
  13. Dolldelight
  14. zemotion
  15. When Geeks Wed

12 thoughts on “How some wooden floorboards changed my life (And 6 other things you might find mildly amusing)

  1. That was absolutely fascinating! I learned to read from comics and still have a lot of them. In fact, I bought 200 a couple of years ago on EBay and still haven’t read them all.
    By the way, though I really liked (loved) what you talked about, you should finish and nominate 15 people for the award and let them know (if you have time).

  2. I like the point about you never procrastination again; how mature of you! And the looks of pride from your parents raising such a nerd. 🙂

    I don’t remember the first time I read a manga, but it was well after primary (elementary) school. Back in primary, I mostly remember reading a book (with pictures; not a comic) about a girl who became blind and deaf, and having to overcome that.

    Honestly, I was into anime before I was into manga.

    • Do you possibly mean Helen Keller? I remember learning about her in grade school as well!
      I read tons of “normal” books in elementary school as well (to the point where I needed glasses– my prescription is awful!) Since I didn’t realize that my first manga was actually a manga, I didn’t really start reading manga until middle school. A lot of people start with anime, though, since it’s great stuff!

  3. I totally got to read Angel of Death now!! And real books are great too!! Have you ever read Dracula? Or Frankenstein? Or Sherlock Holmes?

    Ok, I haven’t read Sherlock Holmes or Frankenstein (planning on it), and I am only just NOW reading Dracula, but you could try them out and see what you think.

    • I’ve read Frankenstein, but not Dracula or Sherlock Holmes! Frankenstein has an awesome story, though the main character (Victor Frankenstein) and the writing style drove me a little nuts. I do need to read more classics, though. Any recommendations?

      Haha and the series name is Battle Angel Alita! Angel of Death is just one of the books in the series. You might also find it under the name Gunnm, its original Japanese name. To this day I still haven’t found a series with artwork as incredible as that one!

      • Besides Dracula, you could try “I Am Legend.” Not the Will Smith movie, although that was cool. It’s about the last man alive in the 1970’s and his attempt of survival against a bunch of zombies/vampires. I have that book now, too.

        Found Battle Angel Alita! And did you know that the author made a (what appears to be) continuation of BAA, with a title of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order? That manga is continuing to this day.

        • I did know that one! I’ve actually tried reading Last Order, but I stopped– for some reason, I just don’t think it compares to the original series. I’ll see if I can nab a copy of “I Am Legend” next time I decide to actually read a real book!

  4. Read Battle Angel Alita’s first chapter. Starts off so unassuming, then gets all action! Finding it was not easy, but worth it!

    • I just read the second chapter………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. HE ATE PEOPLE’S BRAINS!! AND YOU CAN SEE ALL OF IT! YOU READ THIS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?!?…….. Then again, I played an unhealthy amount of Dynasty Warriors 3/4/5, and I started playing 3 around 2nd grade…. So, I guess we were both exposed to an “unhealthy” amount and violence as kids…. NO!! HE ATE PEOPLE’S BRAINS! THAT’S WAY WORSE!! just kidding.

      • HAHA YEAH… that was what I was reading in 2nd grade. I guess Battle Angel Alita is fantastical enough that it didn’t really shock me as a kid– I mean, it’s clearly an imaginary world. I guess you could say the same for Dynasty Warriors? Stuff like Gantz, on the other hand… I’m in college, and I still think that series is crazy violent.

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