I tend to overreact to things.

I tend to overreact to things.

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But I wasn’t always like this. Actually, back in elementary school, I tended to under-react to things. I wasn’t particularly hyperactive during class. I was quiet and liked to keep my head down.

Not to say that I wasn’t a happy kid. I mean, what did I have to worry about? I had barely any homework and played outside all day. I had friends. My parents fed me. The freeloading life was pretty swag.

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But I guess in elementary school, I wasn’t a very emotive kid. Or something like that. I suppose. I really didn’t notice. Regardless, in my later elementary years, my teachers took notice of my subdued behavior.

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This happened more than once.

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I didn’t really think much of it. Maybe my teachers were just concerned for their students.

Fifth grade was a particularly fun year for me. I had a young, super-cool teacher (who taught us the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language) I really liked my classmates (especially the kid next to me who taught me how to play Yu-Gi-Oh… ooooh, grade school crush) and I got to race cars made from K’nex. Heck, in elementary school terms, I was pretty much living the life.

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That year, each student had to sit down with their teacher and talk with them one-on-one. Like a parent-teacher conference, minus the parents. I wasn’t too concerned since I wasn’t a troublemaker. Plus, as previously stated, I loved my teacher because she was super-cool.

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Whoa, hold up. What? She had something to tell me? I did something wrong? My young mind was thrown into uncertainty. Oh no, I must be in trouble! The suspense! Say it, just say it now!

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I needed to smile more? What? But why? I was perfectly content. Did it not show? Did I not smile? Did I look, like, perpetually depressed all the time or something?

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Wait, she said it again!! This wasn’t a joke!

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And, if I didn’t smile enough, maybe I was depressed! Oh no!! Have I been secretly unhappy this whole time while I thought I was happy?

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That day, little elementary school me went home very confused.

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How have I not been displaying my happiness? Was I unhappy? I consulted my closest confidant.

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I was playing Pokemon. So that pretty much answered the question for me.

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Still, this was a problem. So, like how Ash resolved to become a Pokemon master, I made my own resolution that night.

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I walked into class confidently the next day, ready to show that I was a DARN CHEERFUL KID and I CAN SMILE, DARNIT! I just needed the right opportunity.

I found my chance when my super-cool teacher announced that we would be raising animals that year. That caught my attention. Animals?! No way! I had always wanted a pet. I was very excited.

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In fact, each kid would get their own animals to bring home.

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Specifically, a pair of fiddler crabs.

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In my determination to show that I had enthusiasm, and the fact that I was actually extremely thrilled about this guys, omg look at their little claws, meant that I was soon reduced to a jumble of breathless chatter and wildly waving arms.

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I was a mess. A very excited mess. And the thing is, I never stopped being an excited mess. To this day, I gesture wildly, overreact to everything, and generally make a fool of myself.

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At least my teacher never questioned my emotional health again.

How some wooden floorboards changed my life (And 6 other things you might find mildly amusing)

I’ve been nominated for another blogging award! And by “award” I mean another blog chain-letter, you know, like the last one I did. This time I’ve been nominated by the awesome kindredspirit23, the same blogger responsible for this post. I’m very flattered that he picked this site again! The rules are, this time, to basically write a post announcing your nomination, nominate some other bloggers, and write seven interesting things about yourself.

Whoa! Hey! Whenever I do those “get-to-know-people” icebreakers, I have trouble coming up with one interesting thing, much less seven! Well, I’ll give it a shot. Sorry if they’re not the most exciting facts ever!

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(Okay, so Battle Angel Alita wasn’t the very first comic I read, though it was the first manga. At the time, I didn’t even realize it was Japanese! It was– and still is– very inspiring to little ol’ me, though.)

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Whew! Thanks again to kindredspirit23 for the nomination. And now you know!

Edit: AHHHH!! I forgot to nominate other blogs!! I’m a terrible person. Ok, here are 15 blogs that I particularly enjoy! I think these are for… the “Very Inspiring Blogger” and the “Versatile Blogger” awards? And, nominees, don’t feel any obligation to put up your own post. This is more of my way to show my love for these sites!

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