Minus One. (#197-203)

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  1. Friend codes, as you may have heard, are tricky. There is a specific friend code for every DS “AND” every game that the DS plays. (On the 3DS, the friend code is not determined about by the game.) Because of this we cannot connect with systems alone, but with each Wi-Fi capable game. Some Wifi games I have are Mario Kart DS, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and Metroid Prime DS. Do you have any of those games? Also, is your DS a “DSi”?

    On a different note I saw you after you were 15 minutes offline. So close. What times are you playing your PS3?

    • Yow– sorry for the late reply; I realized I had posted a comment intended for you in response to another person! Ok, here’s what I said:

      I do not have any of those games. In fact, the only game I have with me right now is Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, though I am thinking of investing in either HeartGold/SoulSilver to do a Nuzlocke run. Wow, did that sound dorky!
      I have a DS– not even a DS Lite, but the big, original chunky one! What are some good games for the DS? Not that I need to add to my giant list of things to see/watch/do/play, but it’s good to know!
      As for playing my PS3– not sure. Working full-time is surprisingly time-consuming! If I am on, it’ll be in the evening. Pick a day and I can see if I can be online!

      • Dats ok. Spirit Tracks!! I have that. Play it right after I finish Phantom Hourglass. Good games for the DS? Best rated is Chinatown Wars (GTA), but Mario Kart DS might be the best for you. (also crazy high rated) And you can play that game with friends (then again you can play Chinatown with friends too, but Mario Kart is so much fun!! I still go back and play it to this day) And it is arguably the best Mario Kart (perhaps behind Mario Kart Super Circuit for the GBA)
        Is Spirit Tracks Wi-Fi capable? Because I could play that with you now if it is.
        PS3? SPEAKING OF THE PS3!!! READ THIS http://www.gamespot.com/news/ps4-xbox-720-announcements-in-march-6402358 AND THIS http://www.gamespot.com/news/xbox-720-ps4-could-start-at-350-says-analyst-6402356.
        Anyway, if you could play on your PS 3 at like Saturday or Friday. I could really do those two days, but I can actually do most days. My free time is about to end, though, with a job. Hope your job is going great. You seem busy. See you on the flip side. (Do people really say that?)
        Oh, yeah. Zero Dark Thirty, Django, Lincoln. Saw all three. All three were great. You see any good movies lately?

        • Nintendo is always getting the one-up on the PS3 and Xbox! First the Wii’s run-away success and now this! There’s only so many consoles one person can buy… HURRY IT UP GUYS!

          Ironically, Saturdays and Fridays are the only days where I’m NOT with my PS3, since I tend to go to Northeastern on weekends. How about a Sunday? You’re right; I AM busy– though I don’t have homework, having a full-time job is time-consuming too! It’s like, after going to work/going to the gym/cooking dinner, it’s suddenly bedtime? What?!

          I haven’t seen any of those movies, though I DO want to see Lincoln. And, more importantly, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The only film I’ve seen in theaters lately is Les Miserables, which wasn’t bad!

          • I can go on my PS3 Sunday at about 8:15 P.M. However, I could also get on other days. Like Monday and Tuesday. And you should totally get Mario Kart DS! We could play that together! Hope you’re doing great at your job!

  2. Vy! Vy! Vy! Your favorite movie ever. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Watching it tommoorrr.

    P.S. How do you spell “tomorrow”?

    • So that comment made me laugh pretty loudly in a silent office building where I should be doing things like looking at spreadsheets and not WordPress.
      BEST MOVIE EVER! I hope you like it!

  3. Oh yeah. After reading how much you like AWOLNATION so much, and granted I like Burn it Down, but I’m like, “AWOL can’t be that good.” So, I look ’em up on the magical tube that features “you” and listen to their songs and I’m like, “AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! THEY NEED MORE SONGS!!! THEY ARE TOTALLY THAT GOOD!!” I can only find their Megalithic Symphony. Do they have any other songs?

    • I KNOW! THEY’RE SO GOOD! I seriously can’t wait for them to release another album! And go on tour! So I can see them again!
      The only things I have been able to find beyond their Megalithic Symphony album are the bonus tracks: Shoestrings, Swinging from the Castles, and I’ve Been Dreaming. I’ve Been Dreaming is one of my favorites by them actually! (Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t choose a favorite)

  4. Thanks for the sweet AWOL video! Mario Kart DS!! But, seriously, I can play at about 6:30 on either Mon. Or Tue. And 8:15 on Sun.

      • You may need to do some checks to make sure that your PS3 can connect to the internet. And if we are going to play GTA 4, then you will want to accustom yourself to the controls and play the tutorial for multiplayer. Then I could invite you to a game and we could play whatever mode suits our fancy. Never played GTA 4 online myself, so it will be interesting.
        Oh yeah, Ni No Kuni has a free demo on the Playstation Store. Really fun. Game got some great reviews too.

        • Ni No Kuni has a demo?! Oh snap! I must play it!
          Hmm, I guess I’ll have to study me some GTA 4, huh? I’ve only played it a little bit, so I am very very very unaccustomed to the controls. Don’t be surprised if I make a total n00b of myself!

          • People still say “oh, snap”? …Solid. Just knowing the controls in the instruction manual will definitely be good enough. We won’t riding in any helicopters. Although we can do that. But, those controls are way hard.
            Also, I started reading Tiger and Bunny! You should totally read Nisekoi! It is a romance comedy, and it is HILARIOUS!!

            • TIGER AND BUNNY! For that series, I recommend the anime! I usually read, not watch, but for that series, the seiyuu and the animation are really good! On that note, my friend actually recommended Nisekoi to me, so I started it– I still need to read the rest!

            • I STARTED NISEKOI!! It really has all the typical tropes of a romantic comedy– the fan service, the love triangle, the tsundere– but somehow it’s still so awesome and hilarious! Literally had to stop myself from reading it at work today.

  5. Watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It was great!! My brother loved it too!! Thanks for the recommendation!

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