Minus One. (#190-196)

10 thoughts on “Minus One. (#190-196)

  1. I love how he’s all, “Yeah! Working out Maggie!” Then, he learns that he’s gonna do kickboxing class with a bunch of intimidating women. And Maggie, whose much more pleasant. Funny stuff!

  2. VVVYYYYYY!!! We should swap DS codes!! Uhh, wait 5 hours… Okay, I’m back. (I really am typing this 5 hours later than when I typed the first 2 sentences.) If you have your DS with you, then we can swap friend codes on Wi-fi games.

      • Friend codes, as you may have heard, are tricky. There is a specific friend code for every DS “AND” every game that the DS plays. (On the 3DS, the friend code is not determined about by the game.) Because of this we cannot connect with systems alone, but with each Wi-Fi capable game. Some Wifi games I have are Mario Kart DS, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and Metroid Prime DS. Also, is your DS a “DSi”?

        On a different note I saw you after you were 15 minutes offline. So close. What times are you playing your PS3?

  3. Oh, yeah… I started reading this weird manga called Nisekoi. Distributed by Shonen Jump, so I think it is popular. Are you reading it? If not, you should. It’s kinda got a lot of things in the manga you recommended.

  4. Trapped in a room full of women… I feel your pain, Max. That must be weird and uncomfortable.

    Hope he gets through all right. I once did a boxing class at a gym, and it was tougher than I thought it would’ve been, based on previous experiences. I once, before then, had taken a regular boxing class through community college, and it seemed pretty easy (though it took getting used to, as I’m usually out of shape).

    In comparison, the gym class was nuts (and intimidating). So yeah, I feel for Max.

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