How to make a first impression at your new job

I’m on co-op this semester!

For those who are unaware, “co-op”– in Northeastern terms, anyway– is when a student takes off for a semester to work full-time for six months. It’s like an internship, except longer, and kids can actually get paid.

Which isn’t a bad deal! No classes, get experience, save up some money. I went through the process last semester, and got hired! I’m working for a research company located in the Boston ‘burbs.

In fact, Monday was my first day on-site. I came in, met my co-workers, met my boss, and tried to log into my new work laptop.

post 103 image 1

Technical troubles already? I talked to my boss.

post 103 image 2

So I called. They asked for my name, badge number, username, and…

post 103 image 3

Keep in mind that the phone connection was a bit fuzzy. Also keep in mind that my boss was still standing next to me. Finally, keep in mind that, like my own last name, his last name cannot be spelled intuitively.

For confidentiality’s sake, let’s say my supervisor’s last name is Degortino.

post 103 image 4

Oh. Uh. 

post 103 image 5

Might as well roll with it.

post 103 image 6

And that’s how you make a first impression.




That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Really, though, I can’t blog much about my new job! The leader of our new intern orientation told us,

post 103 image 7

9 thoughts on “How to make a first impression at your new job

  1. What company you workin’ for? Umbrella? Only Umbrella “silences” people who innocently tell of their experiece. Work for them too long and you get turned into something like Lisa Trevor. I saw you had played Resident Evil 6 a little on PSN. Or a zombie, you could just be turned into a zombie. Ignore that. How do you like RE6?

    • Actually, that was my cousin playing RE6. He ended up bringing his game over to my house during winter break to play! (He’s a huge Resident Evil fan) I tried playing Resident Evil 0 once, but it was too scary for me! (Yeah… I’m a pansy) I’m a little aware of the plot, though– something about Umbrella, and Ada is a double-double-double agent, and every game consists of you escaping from zombies?

  2. Aww, Vy. XD Tech trouble and first impressions laughs on the first day. That’s pretty hilarious, I have to admit! Still, I think you’re going to do an awesome job at the co-op this semester. 🙂

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