Why Vy deserves an A in her Advanced Writing class

I have this really bad habit. Whenever any teacher of mine assigns any “creative” project, ever, I always turn it into some excuse to draw a comic.

This semester was no exception.

And in this case, my assignment was kind of weird. My Advanced Writing class had to write a “reflective essay” proving that they met the “learning goals” of the course. Except this essay could be in any format we wanted, including storyboards, scripts, videos…

Or in my case, comics.

And so I present to you: The dumbest comic I have ever written, ever.

Other instances where I’ve drawn comics for English class: Hamlet /Robert Frost












(Man, I had better get an A in this goshdarn class.)

15 thoughts on “Why Vy deserves an A in her Advanced Writing class

  1. Totally first. That’s me!! HAHAHA! That was great! Informative and hilarious, just like the late-night news. I was also able to get to your EXACT wikipedia pages by copying exact phrases from them. I then, like a real friend, erased what you wrote and started talking about panda pictures and why the economy would collapse without them. But seriously, anyone (me) could go on and change ANY wikipedia page. Luckily the Wikipedia people are now cracking down on wrong and/or useless information (also like the late-night news), so I feared for my life and decided not to mess up your work. ONE PIECE FOREVER! (God, am I random). You wouldn’t want to go to Science writing heaven anyway- ACTUALLY, MAYBE YOU WOULD! No, no. Only a science writing maniac would want to go there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Luffy leaving now.

    • So usually I would be like, NOOOOOOO!! Don’t mess up my beautiful wiki articles!! But then I remembered that I have them saved as PDFs and also they aren’t published as legitimate Wiki articles anyway. Also, I’m done my advanced writing class! HAHAHAHA! Take THAT!

      Wikipedia is really good at taking down false information! Sometimes, it’s fun to look into the editing history of an article to see what kinds of wiki-wars are going on. For example, the cartoonist Tony Harris (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Harris_(comics) ) recently came under fire for posting a controversial rant about female cosplayers on facebook. The editing history for his article is a giant battle between tons of people posting hate comments and the wiki editors desperately trying to keep it normalized. In the end, we simply added this sentence: “In November 2012, Harris posted a controversial rant about female cosplayers on his Facebook page.”

  2. Yeah, uh… I just went to YouTube and WHAT THE CRAP!?! This is, like the second time of them changing the layout in like a month! What are those idiots doing? Keep the site the same for at least a year!!

  3. I know you like Vsauce! So, I have another recommendation. “minutephysics” Very nice. Very technical, even more so than Vsauce. He questions everything and will alter your perception of scientific topics. Yay!! Perception!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    • WHOA, THIS GUY IS GREAT! I guess I wasn’t being so original with my video after all. Actually, I already knew I wasn’t being original. Have you heard of Vi Hart? She does similar sped-up-drawing videos, but about mathematics! She makes math almost seem fun… which is an impossibility! YES! SCIENCE!

  4. You do deserve an A for this essay, no question. It’s informative and hilarious, as Straw Hat Luffy said. I really enjoy and appreciate good writing (one reason why I read the New Yorker), and you definitely have a talent for it (as well as being creative and funny).

  5. Oh, how I wish you had been in my middle school classes. Well, not really, because it was special ed and often had students who were very … troublesome.
    But, I laughed and really enjoyed it…A from this teacher (well, former teacher).

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