Minus One. (#162-168)

54 thoughts on “Minus One. (#162-168)

  1. Hm. What can we do with all these sugar drinks? PPPSSSHHH!! HAHAHA! Didn’t see that coming at ALL! They they fight with them. Yeah! V!! You should make up some weird universe with freaks and crazy people and stuff, like Question Corner!

  2. What in the world? I just came to this website using Internet Explorer and I just saw something weird. An advertisement. How long have those been there? The reason I never see them is becasue I use Google Chrome and Google Chrome has an extension that removes advertisements from (almost) ALL websites. I highly recommend Google Chrome to everyone… except to my mortal enemies… so… you know what? Don’t use Google Chrome. But, seriously, its free, faster than Internet Explorer and you can use stuff like Google Docs that works like a Word document, but is instead free and saves your work instantly (approx. every 2 seconds), you can get free themes and applications to do stuff like block ads, practice your typing (which is why I type so much (I am fast!)), and other cool stuff, and its only on Google Chrome!! Yeah, Google Chrome!!

    • Chrome is the best! Actually, I was a Firefox loyalist for a long, long time simply because Chrome didn’t have the adblock extension for a while. And then they finally did, and now I love Chrome! Besides, WordPress doesn’t even support older versions of Internet Explorer.
      Also, there are are ads on my site? I don’t remember allowing ads here.– otherwise, I’d be getting revenue! Weird…

      • Uuuuuhhhhhhh…. So… you did have an advertisement…, but now, when I use IE its not there anymore… so…………. I’M NOT CRAZY!!

  3. Almost forgot. Bleach. More popular than One Piece. Oh, wait. Before I talk about that, let me just say: “AAAAHHHHH!!!!! THIS IS MY FURIOUS VOICE!!!” Okay, back to reality. Why am I furious? Because I typed out the same comment twice already and WordPress has deleted my comments both times. This is a quick edit with other random garbage added. So now I am typing in Google Docs, so the work is saved. What was I talking about? Bleach, FMA, Pokemon, Naruto, and other anime are more popular than One Piece in the States because there is no way to watch One Piece on TV. TV makes even bad anime at least somehow, kinda, well not really popular, but easier to watch than OP (for example Digimon). An American channel company needs to pick them up, but it seems unlikely in the near future. Will a channel ever pick up OP? “Maybe… some day… but not today.”

    • This is the truth. Bleach IS more popular than One Piece here– I think I read that Bleach enjoys more popularity in the West than it does in Japan! Supposedly. Which is silly, because One Piece is definitely way better! If only OP was more accessible… then there would be more people I could geek out to One Piece to!

  4. Sorry, that is a quote from a show I really like: Sym-Bionic Titan. Highly recommend. Only 20 episodes Really great. Has action. Cancelled due to no toy companies making toys based on the show. Hard to find sometimes. Here’s a link:

    • What’s Sym-Bionic Titan about? After watching Gravity Falls, I’ve been looking for other English-language kid’s shows to watch. (True story) I’ll definitely watch that next chance I get!

      • OK, recap: All of these comments about Sym-Bionic Titan, Young Justice, Ke$ha, Bleach, Korgoth, YGOTHAS, Classic Rock, and the crazy yelling were supposed to be combined in one crazy comment, with just a lot of paragraphs. However, when I tried, WordPress kept acting like it worked but no comment appeared, and I had some random problem with URLs that seems to have been fixed. Sorry, for not making sense in some as they all relate to a previous comment. And for breaking up the time when they were displayed. took a while for me to figure this out. Phew. WordPress I have different feelings about you now. (NOT GOOD ONES!)

        • Oh, right, you asked a question. Uh. Sym-Bionic Titan. Ya never heard of it? Its is about two aliens (they are humanoid), who have to leave their home planet because of- (DON’T TELL HER TOO MUCH!) Oh, sorry. Thanks Enigma. And they come to Earth to hide. The aliens names are Ilana (Prounced: ill ana; the first letter is an “i” the second letter is an “L”) and Lance (female and male, respectively) and they are in their teenage years, so it only makes sense for them to go to high school to help them blend in. And the result is funny, action-packed, and slightly romantic at times. A conservative mother could use this show as an example that kids television is getting more violent, cruder in language and humor, and definitely more sexual. If you watch Regular Show and Adventure Time and see how these are shows that most conservative mothers would not want their seven-year-olds to see, then you know what I mean by the maturing of children’s TV.

          • I’ve seen a couple of the first episodes of Adventure Time. Does it really get that mature? Everything just kind of seemed… surreal… to me. I guess I have to watch the rest– all my friends LOVE that show and I heard it gets better! Is The Regular Show good? I’ve only seen one episode and didn’t really think much of it.
            Just a few more shows for my list, I guess!

            • Well, when all you watch is sexist anime, South Park, and horrifying violent shows like The Walking Dead and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, then yes Adventure Time is tame. But, when a mother (conservative, Catholic, oblivious to mature television) leaves her seven-year-old twins at home watching Cartoon Network, she expects them to be watching Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes (and Looney Tunes Show), The Amazing World of Gumball, What’s New Scooby Doo, ect. She does not want them watching PG shows, like AT, RS, and SBT. Other shows that have a TV-PG rating are: Parenthood, The Simpsons, and Dateline NBC. Again, these shows are Teletubbies compared to what we watch, but for a conservative, Catholic mother (most mothers don’t seem to care (now THAT is me being biased)), they want their kids watching TV-Y7 and TV-Y not a show that can be compared to the Simpsons. But, uhh… yes, Adventure Time can be mature, at times. With references to, like, french kissing and RS can sometimes have women viewed as sex objects (but that is rare). Again, we are talking about Catholic seven-year-olds, with a mother who controls what her kids watch.

            • Makes sense. I’ve definitely been desensitized from watching/reading far too much sexist/violent anime/manga, so I suppose it’s harder for me to see how milder shows can be more mature. (That was a lot of /’s!) I can definitely see the conservative mothers getting concerned, though. (Though this is something I’ve never experienced– as kids, my sister and I would watch Maury and Jerry Springer when we got home from school. It was conveniently on at that time!)

        • Your comments keep getting put into the spam folder for some reason! I don’t think Akismet (the spam filter WordPress uses) likes long comments with lots of URLS (since that’s typically what I find in the spam folder) I apologize on behalf of WordPress! I have no idea how to get around it 😦

        • But, what took so long “amixofthings.com”? If I may be so bold, comicsmaniac, is the only blog person I know of who answers “ALL” of the comments of people who comment on her. Nothing but nice, uplifting comments from comicsmaniac!! Yeah! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • I try! I don’t get tons of comments, so if people are nice enough to take the time to comment on my blog, it’s only right for me to respond, right? I can understand why more popular bloggers don’t respond to all the comments, though– replying to hundreds of people would be super time-consuming. x.X Luckily for me, I’m not that popular. 😛

        • THANKS!!! Though, after a little research, I think the Liebster Award is more of a blog meme than an actual award. It basically gets passed around from blog to blog, with people nominating each other and no actual award being given out. BUT, it also gives bloggers the chance to promote their favorite, lesser-known blogs– so, even if it’s not real, there’s no harm in it!

  5. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (6 more lines of yelling) SUDDENLY WORDPRESS WILL NOT LET ME TYPE IN URLS IN MY COMMENTS!! WHY?!?! OK, for Sym-Bionic Titan, type in anime freak in Google. On the right, there is a list of popular cartoons. Scroll down to find Sym-Bionic Titan. (or you can type it in the search box on the mid-right of the screen.) Many other great shows and movies are also here. All for free, whether its legal or not.

  6. Also, highly recommend Young Justice. Very intelligent. Everything is planned out with NO room for error. Kinda reminds you of the sniper shot you have to take in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to kill Imran Zakhaev. NO room for error. Best Call of Duty. Ever. Period. No questions. No debate. But Young Justice is easier to find and on TV. Just use anime freak to get Young Justice.

  7. Also, Genndy Tartakovsky, my favorite TV show animator of all time (Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and yes, Sym-Bionic Titan) also helped out in an extremely short lived Korgoth of Barbaria. Got cancelled. Came on Adult Swim ONE TIME. Kicked because of excessive violence. Only one episode. Recommend watching this first because, you know, only one episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoxMiZxN-F0. Please, just add these to your growing list of things to do. At least, that’s what I’d do.

    • Kicked off after one episode? Dang! That’s impressive! I guess that means I HAVE to watch it now. My last final is tomorrow– and then after that, TV SHOWS ALL THE TIME!! HAHAHAAHA!!!

  8. So I like Kesha, and I go to her VEVO page and I watch “C’mon” and it is nothing but cats and other cute animals in a surreal fashion. WHAT?!? Oh…then I watch this Warrior Interrogation. WHAT??!?!!?!? WHAT IS THIS?!?! WHAT AM I WATCHING??! I MEAN, WHAT?! But, that’s Kesha for you.

    Yay!! Just watched Spirited Away!! Loved it! Would buy it if I had more money. I would also buy a gold tissue box. Really was worth the hype. Next is either Kiki or Castle in the Sky. I forget.

    • Yes! Ghibli movies! I loved Spirited Away too! Kiki and Castle in the Sky are also great movies. Really, I can’t think of a Ghibli movie that I don’t like. (I haven’t seen them all yet, but still!)

  9. What do I like the most on Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series? Everything, in America. And that My Valentine- oops- I mean My Skankentine. Her and all the jokes Joey makes about her. But really Bandit Keith is hilarious and that duel with Keith and Joey, where Keith was all, “You’re not American! You’re not even wearing a flag on your head!” And Joey’s all, “You’re right. I must have left it back home, in America.” Pretty much lost it after that. And then there’s Zorc and Pals.

    • YES. All the jokes about Mai Valentine are AMAZING. One of my favorite lines: “Hey, why is there a prostitute walking towards–oh wait that’s just Mai.” Another great line from the same episode: “This blimp is approximately one-third the size of my ego!”
      Yup. I lose it every time I watch Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged.

  10. Okay, here is a complete history of Classic Rock (the genre). White people were playing blues. Black people were too. Some got weird and played horns and stuff. No black people really came out until Chuck Berry. Thank him. Without him there would be no classic rock, pop or hip-hop. As each of these things led to the other. Then, white people took over, like usual. AC/DC, The Beatles, Bob Dylan. Everybody. My personal favorite is The Who. The Beatles sound like everybody (a reason they’re the most popular), but most songs are pretty mellow. Bob Dylan is FAR more influential than you probably think. Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin. The list is incredible. I like them all. #1 song: Baba O’Riley by The Who. Of course, I just can’t get Die Young out of my head. Love that song. 2nd favorite song of all time is a YouTube video of a guy playing the guitar. Canon Rock Rock and roll. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by8oyJztzwo&list=FL1qaBvq_2xiAjOvHuDVFDEg&index=4. Wow! Know wonder WordPress hates me. I just keep talking. TO ONE PIECE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • “Some got weird and played horns and stuff.” Sir, you should be a history teacher. Definitely the best explanation of classic rock I’ve heard yet. (not sarcasm)
      So I’m pretty much going to have to listen to all those people now. Which is good– I needed something else to listen to. Since I’ve been studying for finals, the ONLY music I’ve been listening to is all the Legend of Zelda soundtracks! I got through all of Twilight Princess yesterday, and am halfway through Windwaker! So it’s time for real music for me.

      • Wait, WHAT? How do you get Zelda music? And I recommend another nice freebie, Pandora. Very nice. You probably already use it, ect. But, really, how do you listen to Zelda music? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My last final is tomorrow as well, YEAH!! I don’t go back until JANUARY 7th! HOORAH!!

        • Ahh, I just go onto youtube and type in stuff like “Windwaker full OST” or “Twilight Princess full soundtrack” to find those several hours-long videos that play every single song in the game. You can even find the full LoZ 25th anniversary orchestral CD on youtube! Youtube is amazing.

  11. So, I’m trying to lucid dream, which is dreaming but you are aware that you are dreaming. So, it would be like your awake, but you’re able to control your environment. When I look it up, most people who are successful with it use it to like have sex and fly. WHAT THE CRAP! I would use to practice ruling the world. And well, you know, fight like every hardcore dude in everything, like Luffy, Whitebeard and Chuck Norris. And of course the ultimate most powerful person in everything, my evil self. MMWHHAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! (evil laugh, but its, like, ear-shattering)

    • That’s definitely a good use of lucid dreaming. As for myself, I would use lucid dreaming to eat candy… lots of candy… WITH NO REAL-LIFE HEALTH CONSEQUENCES! HAHAHAHAAHA! (imagine that as an evil laugh as well, except perhaps not as evil.)

      • Did I mention that the fighting would be to the coolest music ever!!! But, seriously, I would definitely go crazy on the food too!! It would be nothing but sushi, candy, donuts, lobster, ect. for miles. Just like my real life.

  12. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Check it. So, like, I get Gameinformer. And they got this nice looking game called, uhh, what you call it? Oh, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. First time I see it, I like, “that look coo’. Kinda like Spirited Away, Mononoke, and all the Ghibli’s. Look it up, got made by Level-5, yeah, same mothers who made Layton and the gang. Now, me watching this nice GameSpot video of the game. It’s a bleeding 2 hours long!! But, tells you what the GS boys know ’bout the game. Came out on the DS in 2009 for the Japans and the PS3 babe got blown in 2011 in Japa’. We’re jsut now get the game for us selves in January 22, so that coo’. Man, I swear if those Japans think they can jus’ keep the bloody games for ’emselves for so bleeding long. Don’t know what I’d do. Link: http://www.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=ni_no_kuni_wrath_of_the_white_witch20121212&tag=Topslot;NowPlayingNiNoKuni;NiNoKuniWrathOfThe;WatchItNow
    Maybe liste’ to it when you like doing somethin’, like playing some game or researching or somethin’! I don’t know. Watchin’ all of it sure seem’ quazy though. Look’ nice. Look rea’ nice.

    • Yeah, Ni no Kuni! I’ve heard of it before– a couple kids I went to Japan with bought it when we were in Akihabara! One of my friends has actually played through the entire thing in Japanese. (As you can imagine, it took him quite a while.) Ni no Kuni being released in North American in January, I believe, which I am SUPER excited for! Did you know that Ghibli was actually a co-producer of the game? They designed all the characters and the animation style was based off their studio. Thank goodness they’re releasing it here– my Japanese isn’t good enough to handle the untranslated version 😛

  13. Stop reading comments. Go look up Ray William Johnson on YouTube. Funniest man alive. There is no one video of his I can recommend. They are all HILARIOUS!!

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