What exactly IS cancer?

I recently had to make a video for my Advanced Writing class and thought I’d share it with y’all! Watch me awkwardly talk on camera and draw cancer cells!

Also, I am never, ever, EVER using Windows Live Movie Maker again. It literally brought me to tears. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

13 thoughts on “What exactly IS cancer?

  1. This was unbelievably informative!! Thank goodness we have the media and news people to make sure that we forget and confuse what you just told us. This was FANTASTIC!! If you got a grade on this, it better have been, like, “A” triple plus!
    Seriously, though, you brought my full attention to Cancer. Far beyond what the news freaks have done. I will now go and research Cancer for the fun of achieving knowledge. Yeah for knowledge!! With knowledge you can rule the world- or something like that. I’m in the middle of V for Vendetta so I talk weird. Just like V. Yeah-no. But that’d be cool.

    But, really, I am actually going to research Cancer more. THANKS VY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    • I DID GET AN A! Thank goodness– my grades could use a boost!
      I’m glad I could inform you a bit about cancer! Shockingly, I didn’t know all of this until my freshman year of college. It totally blew my mind! Which is why I chose this topic for my video. I feel like it’s something that everyone should know, since cancer is such a prominent disease. We have all these cancer walks, and fundraisers, and awareness events that are all great, but very little understanding over how cancer works. Hooray knowledge! V would be proud. πŸ˜›

  2. That was great and I am going to share it on Facebook (I hope that’s okay).
    I also don’t blame you much about not using the Window’s program again.
    I have used Movie Maker in the past and, while it got it done, it nearly drove me insane.

  3. I actually learned about cancer and the cell cycle last year in 9th grade biology – gotta love the information age, things you just learned have already become outdated by the time you graduate and are taught to students at a younger and younger age. On another note, the American Cancer Society holds this amazing worldwide event every year called Relay for Life, which is a giant overnight community charity event. I’ve participated for the last two years and it’s a really great way to get involved. The American Cancer Society helps provide affordable treatment to patients and sets up support groups for caretakers, among lots of other things πŸ™‚

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