The Asian test of courage

My sister’s boyfriend came over.

My sister and I are finally finished finals and at home, so her boyfriend from Pittsburgh came over for three days. That’s three days in an Asian household. With Asian food. I should mention that my sister’s boyfriend is predominantly German and Polish.

So my family.

Does this to him.

As crazy as we get, however, eggrolls taste good. But my dad decided to pull some other fun foods out of his hat.

And finally, the kicker: durian. If you don’t know what durian is, it’s a large, spiky, tropical fruit typically grown in Southeastern Asia. Its odor is very… distinct. Quote Wikipedia, “Some people regard the durian as fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and offensive.” As kids, my sister and I fell more onto the “offensive” side. (Though now, we both find it perfectly edible.)

And my sister’s poor boyfriend had this thrust upon him.

But hey, he tried it! And thus my sister’s boyfriend passed our little test of courage. Props to him! Though we’ve barely branched into some of the weirder Vietnamese dishes. Some Viet foods even I’m unable to handle.

Fetal chicken, straight from the egg. My parents like it, but it's an area I haven't ventured into yet.

11 thoughts on “The Asian test of courage

  1. I’ve gone through that before. Fetal duck is a delicacy… I had fetal chicken… I guess her parents were stingy?

    Though, I AM Asian so props to the Polish/German dude for surviving~!

  2. AHHH! This cracks me up. The ultimate test: food. Sounds pretty nice to me!

    Ahh…fetal duck…that’s…wow. I know in the Philippines, they do the same thing with chicken: I knew a guy who tried it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to try it, though, because the other day, I got a carton of eggs and I was fixing breakfast and one of the eggs had been fertilized and the fetus had started developing and then died inside and then rotted and oh good God, I lost my breakfast. Not cool. at all. YUCKIE.

    …but to each their own! XD

    • UGH. Yeah. Fetal anything is just not my thing
      To be honest, there’s a lot of Vietnamese cuisine that I have not ventured into yet! I really dislike Vietnamese blood pudding (my mom slipped that into my soup once, to my disgust) and when my parents brought from Vietnam rice wine with real dead bees inside… it did not tempt my tastebuds!

  3. I know it’s just me. But I want to try ‘ALL’ of those foods. I love trying new foods, and saying, “This food is delicious!” or “How could you serve me this crap.” Both said with a smile. I am very weird. Good job watching Gravity Falls.

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