I love my job

I’ve been working at my job for a month or so now. I mentioned it before, I believe– that I’m an office assistant at the NU Procurement Office. And how is it? I love it! Northeastern puts a huge emphasis on “experiential learning” (meaning, the best way to learn is to go out and do it, basically) and I have learned quite a lot at my job! Here’s just a sampling from my newly acquired skillset:

In other words:

In all seriousness, though, I really do like my job! Everyone in the office is really nice and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. And though there is a lot of paperwork, I’ll also be trained (eventually) on how to use the university’s finance system for the sake of helping inquiring customers. It’s so much better than my previous job (McDonald’s) which looked a little like this:

Oh, the stories I could tell about McDonald’s. Just another reason why I’m much happier with my current job! Filing papers beats getting burned by burger grease any day.


6 thoughts on “I love my job

  1. loving my job too. teaching english is finally going well, now that i’m not using the textbook. songs and games work a lot better than worksheets that are way to advanced. (it’s better to learn a little, than to learn nothing at all. so we’re starting with the basics.) I like being Señorita Lydia. =]

    • That’s awesome! I actually have to teach kids too– I volunteer at a place and try to teach city kids biology. It’s absurdly difficult to keep them under control, not even mentioning keeping their attention. Activities involving candy and colorful things have been much more effective than worksheets and discussion, I’ve found. Good luck! 😀

  2. If you went around smiling like that, people would initially think your crazy.
    Then, they’d think that you’re an actress.
    Then, they would accept your happiness and start to love having you around.
    Then, powerful people start to hear of your endless joy and judge you.
    Then, they offer you free things.
    Then, they give you more powerful position.
    Then, you rise through the ranks until your number one.
    Then, you reveal the reason of your happiness (to take over) and instill new rules.
    Then, you turn evil and do the most evil thing that your position would legally allow. Probably something like, force “all female employees to wear tiny miniskirts.” At least, that is what I would do. Thanks for the inspiration Colonel Mustang.

      • OOHHHH,YEAH!! I don’t know what I was talking about. Forcing all female employees to wear tiny miniskirts is such a horrible idea when compared to forcing everyone to bake cookies for you. However, you wouldn’t want to eat too many cookies, lest you become like Max (the main character in your comics). Then, we would have a case of an author becoming like one of her characters, and that would stem into a whole field of psychology and brain nonsense, so let’s not think about it, AND JUST EAT THOSE COOKIES!!!

        • COOKIES! No worries– if there are cookies, I WILL EAT THEM!
          Funny you should mention the author becoming a character, though! The whole year when I wrote these comics, I was actually trying out the calorie-counting thing myself, because 1. I wanted to see what it was like and 2. to avoid the freshman 15. I’m not sure how successful I was (too many delicious cookies in the dining hall!) but it was an interesting experience!

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