I am too busy

This is the state I’m in right now: (and in advance, I apologize for the crappier-than-usual-art, unwarranted complaining, utter scrubbiness and general messiness:)

I needed to vent some stress. It’s also my poor excuse for a viable blog post. It’s just that on some days, I barely have enough time to run to my dorm room to grab a snack between classes/working/volunteering, and that’s a little frustrating to me. It’s too easy to complain, though– what I really need to do is suck it up! And stick it out! It’s only a year. I’ll make it through, somehow…


11 thoughts on “I am too busy

  1. LOL I coughed up my drink while looking like a crazy gufaww’ing lunatic while on the train surrounded by people when I read “I AM TOO BUSY TO COLOR IN MY OWN #$%! HAIR!”

    Knock ’em dead Vy!

      • HAHAHA When I read David Kang’s comment I thought, “What did she mean when she said, “I AM TOO BUSY TO COLOR IN MY OWN #$%! HAIR!” I thought she was talking about getting her hair colored, then I read the post again, and I just burst out laughing when I figured it out! I guess being slow is something I get for being Straw Hat Luffy!!! I still love your posts; great job VY!

  2. You are my college role model! I’m taking 13 units (one unit over full time) next semester and I’m like, “WOW THAT’S A LOT” and then I think of YOU and I’m like, PSHHHH IF VY CAN DO IT, SO CAN I! Haaha. You’re gonna make it through!

    In the words of Dori…”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

    • Hahaha I am not a good role model! I’m a model of how to be busy all the time! I totally bring it on myself, though. And in my opinion, it sounds like you’re taking a lot of courses– don’t underestimate the busyness that is college!
      We can do it!~ Just keep pushing on!

    • AH! Dori! You got that song stuck in my head! And, yes, I am your conscious.
      Note: THAT MOVIE IS SO FANTASTIC!! I LOVE IT!! But Toy Story 3 is the best.

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