In which I discover that I’ve learned nothing for the past three years of college.

When I entered college three years ago, I took a free practice MCAT offered by Kaplan.

post 179 image 1

Three years later, I took a practice MCAT again. This time, I was trying for real. I had been in college for three years already, so I had to do better– right?

post 179 image 2

Apparently not. After three years of schooling, my score raised only by a nominal point.

Unlike during my freshman year, where I could just brush it off…

post 179 image 3

…I can’t really ignore it now.

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Since I’m graduating college in a year, I actually have to think about my future now. Part of this has become studying for the MCAT, also known as the Medical College Admission Test. Among all of the grad school exams, the MCAT is particularly notorious. It is long, hard, demands a great deal of memorized knowledge, and is designed to weed out the weak.

The weak, including me.

post 179 image 5

So I registered for one of Kaplan’s online MCAT courses.


I knew that I would have to study hard for this exam. It covers organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, physics, and verbal reasoning– all subjects that I have struggled with in the past. But I was still a little shocked when I received my Kaplan review books in the mail.

post 179 image 6

I was even more shocked when I started to read the material.

post 179 image 7

As it turns out, I haven’t learned 50% of the content I’m supposed to know for the MCAT, ever. The other 50% I studied years ago. In between my full-time internship and increasingly time-consuming half-marathon training, I continued to study.

My first MCAT class rolled around.

post 179 image 10

Try as I might, I could not keep up.

post 179 image 11

But as life got in the way, even the weekends failed me.

post 179 image 12

Falling so behind started to get to me.

post 179 image 13

There was only one thing to do.

post 179 image 14

So now, I’ve bought myself a little more time (literally, as changing your MCAT test date costs $65) to prep for this exam. In other words, I’ve delayed my inevitable collapse until October.

post 179 image 15


Maybe I should go into business instead.

post 179 image 16


10 thoughts on “In which I discover that I’ve learned nothing for the past three years of college.

  1. I bet you’ve learned a lot. Perhaps it’s simply not the things needed for the MCAT. After all, unless university has been easy, it did require some mental work (which hopefully means you learned something).

    Have you considered using Anki or other SRS to help with study? Not that anything beats just exposing yourself to the material over and over again. Maybe this story will inspire you: ? Maybe not. I can never get around to using SRS. orz

    • You know, I haven’t heard of Anki or SRS before your comment. I just downloaded the Anki app, though– the spaced repetition technique sounds really neat. Anything that’ll help me study is gladly welcomed! Now to find some MCAT flashcards to download…

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  3. I also cram school, commuting, artwork, job, and side jobs to keep the bills paid. I gave up lots of things I can’t afford or don’t have time left to include, years ago. Your story actually inspired me not to be discouraged. As long as I keep going I will eventually finish. I guess I blended the running comic with the studying comic, but thanks for them both.

      • They helped more than I realized at first, because I woke up this morning with that beleagered runner’s determined face in my mind, and I chuckled before I got up. Thanks again.

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