Sisterhood of the World Bloggers


Hey y’all! So, this may come as a bit of a shock, but people other than my mom read this blog. Well. It’s shocking to me, at least!

The lovely Little Misadventures nominated me for the “Sisterhood of the World Blog Award”– not an actual award, but another cute little meme where bloggers can appreciate each other’s sites. It’s like a nice pat on the back. I’ve done a few of these things before, I know. You’ll have to forgive me for doing another one!

Anyway, the “rules” are as follows:

1) Link to the blogger who nominated you and say thanks.

2) Nominate blogs that you find a joy to read.

3) Link to the nominees and tell them about the nomination.

4) Include the award logo in your blog post.

5) Answer the ten questions listed below.

1) What is your favorite color? 

At those darned get-to-know-you-icebreakers, I usually tell people my favorite color is green.

post 178 image 1

And I do like green. But honestly, I think colors look best in combination with one another. My favorite color combo, then, is cerulean and spring green.

post 178 image 2

Though what I should really do at those icebreakers is tell people the names of Crayola crayons.

2) What is your favorite animal?

This is going to sound odd, but in elementary school I used to have an obsession with beavers.

post 178 image 4

I used to draw them on everything.

post 178 image 5

For one of my school projects, I even made a board game on beaver trivia.

post 178 image 6

It’s Castor fiber, by the way. The American beaver is Castor canadensis.

My love was short-lived, though. That same year, I bought my first Gameboy along with the game Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. My obsession with beavers soon gave way to an obsession with Kirby.

post 178 image 7

3) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Almond milk. Is that weird? It’s weird.

The thing is, I don’t drink it because of this whole deal:

post 178 image 8

Nah, while all that is very concerning, I drink almond milk because:

post 178 image 9

Unfortunately, my gallons of unsweetened almond milk has a high price. It’s literally double the price of milk.

post 178 image 10

4) Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I’m a Facebook person, I admit. I’m just not witty enough for a Twitter. Besides, I like taking photos, and Facebook is photo-friendly.

post 178 image 11

Facebook is fun!

5) What is your favorite pattern?

I always thought fractals were pretty cool.


Fractal art is even cooler!

6) Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

Man, I’m just going to say it straight: receiving presents is awesome. What kid at Christmas didn’t like receiving presents? Not me, that’s for sure.

post 178 image 14

But I also like giving presents. The only problem is that I really, really suck at gift-buying. So while giving gifts is sometimes fun…

post 178 image 15

…sometimes, it’s not so fun.

post 178 image 16

7) What is your favorite number?

Back in 9th grade, I joined the lacrosse team on a whim. It was the only season that I have ever played lacrosse. As a total beginner, I sucked at it.

post 178 image 17

That year, we got to choose our own uniform number. The coach piled up all the old jerseys and let the girls have at it.

post 178 image 18

By the time I got to the pile, only one jersey was left.

post 178 image 18

It was the number 13.

post 178 image 19

An abandoned, unloved, unlucky number.

post 178 image 20

And for the rest of that season, I continued to suck at lacrosse. But even now, I’m fond of the number 13!

8) What is your favorite day of the week?

post 178 image 21

9) What is your favorite flower?

An idea I stole from my sister– Gerber daisies! Because they’re so bright, obnoxious, and in-your-face.

post 178 image 22

10) What is your passion?

post 178 image 23

Yeah. Not surprising, I guess.

And now, some blogs that I happen to enjoy reading!

This Japanese Life.

Wings for Liberty

The Japanese Role Playing Game

Incidental Comics

Zen Pencils

Mister G Kids

Gourmet Gaming



3 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

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  2. When I was a kid, I used to always play Super Smash Bros, and that’s how I came to love Kirby! Years later, I have a Kirby game on the Wii.

    I also love getting more than giving. For three months in a row, I have to give birthday presents for my family. I call it the string of doom.

    • Hahaha I know how you feel! When you have a string of birthdays in a row… and then you stress over what to give them for months… AGGGH. If only I was a better gift-giver!

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