Boston is on lockdown.

My city is locked down right now. Boston and the surrounding suburbs (including where I live) are totally shut down. There are thousands of officers operating out of Watertown, and they’re on a giant manhunt for the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The police have been urging all residents to stay indoors, lock the doors, and answer to no one but a uniformed officer. At the moment, I’m sitting at home hoping and praying that nobody else will be hurt.

I apologize for the lack of humorous posts lately– I guess it hasn’t been a humorous week.

The professionals can report it better than I can.

Report from CNN

CBS Livestream

Boston Police

Stay safe, everyone.

11 thoughts on “Boston is on lockdown.

  1. The developments following the bombings are happening very fast. Just yesterday I saw the news go from not having any idea of the attackers to the FBI releasing the pictures of the prime suspects. I underestimated the quality of the force trying to find the attackers. I certainly did not think that this would escalate into a lockdown, though. But, then again, I did not think that the criminal/terrorist investigation forces would be so successful with the matter and that this would lead to a manhunt.
    I am actually doing a small philosophy assignment using an article about the safety measures of future marathons (London, New York, etc.) and what they will do to keep their people safe.
    Hopefully this will end very soon.

      • Hi Vy,

        CNN is really crap, sending FALSE news just to draw attention !!

        I recommend MSNBC (online), I watch it daily (and I am in Germany…).

        Stay save, keep calm, they will get him !!!



          • Hi again!

            So glad it’s over.

            May all the injured get better quickly.

            And those who died be not forgotten.

            Law enforcement was top notch !!

            This may interest you (in case you don’t know already):


            So, back to normal everybody and i am awaiting your stories….



            • I’m so glad it’s over too! Thank you for the link– that’s a great source to see all the craziness that happened in Boston. You’re right; the police really did good this last week. Now the healing in Boston can begin.

  2. I have listened to several clips today and read a few articles. The interesting ones turned out to be the uncle who was so angry that his nephews would do this, and the aunt who kept telling the FBI she wanted to see more evidence that they were guilty.

  3. I’ve been watching the news all week, including for the past few hours. I have family friends that live in Boston, and I’ve been thinking of all of you this week. I hope law enforcement catches this young man soon, and alive, and no more gets hurt.

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