Minus One. (#288-294)

4 thoughts on “Minus One. (#288-294)

  1. No, Max! Stay Healthy!! And speaking of staying healthy, meditation! And, Tim Ferriss’s books! (The 4- Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body)
    You said you like TED Talks and these would be helpful with our up coming comic books (just copy and paste this stuff into YouTube):
    Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now!
    Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation (not obvious, but does have good stuff)
    Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity
    Susan Cain: The power of introverts (we kind of fit into this category)

    • Ok, so I read the transcripts to some of those TED talks! (I was at work sans headphones, so I couldn’t watch ’em) I really like the one about introverts, mostly because I can relate. Less group work in school? Yes please!
      Ahhh, TED Talks are so inspirational. How do the speakers come UP with them? So good.

      • Well, usually the topic they discuss is something they have focused on for many years of their life. Their presentation is often the compilation or general overview of their life’s work. TED Talks are so great because we do not often hear of such inspirational claims backed up by so much evidence. While all TED Talks have their purpose, some have such inspiration to us because the knowledge sounds so valuable or we may be able to relate to experiences told.

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