My super-exciting life as an almost-adult

My lifestyle is at a weird in-between right now.

It’s because I’m not taking classes. I’m on co-op, working the typical 40 hours a week. I don’t live in a dorm anymore– I’m living in a house out in the suburbs. I drive a car, pay my own rent, buy groceries and cook my own meals.

No, at the moment, my vibrant college life has been put on hold. Instead, I’m getting a taste of… of…


It’s a terrifying prospect. Yet, I think this must be what being “settled down” and “old” feels like?

post 109 image 1

What is this? 


I’m so used to being super-busy, all the time. Well, I’m still pretty busy, all the time. But instead of my schedule being

post 109 image 2

It’s now

post 109 image 3

How can this be? I’m still a teenager! I’m still entitled to do things like

post 109 image 4

But instead, I’m just all like

post 109 image 5


9 thoughts on “My super-exciting life as an almost-adult

  1. I love how you’re all like, “YES!!” Every time something good happens. But, seriously (why do I “always” say that?), you are experiencing something that most kids/teens would hate to imagine. As long as you stay a ‘kid’ inside, remember who you are and where you came from, then growing up can be fun! Uh, oh. Hilari O’s!! You know like Spaghetti O’s. Never ate those things, but you still can and feel even more like a kid!!

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