My super-exciting life as an almost-adult

My lifestyle is at a weird in-between right now.

It’s because I’m not taking classes. I’m on co-op, working the typical 40 hours a week. I don’t live in a dorm anymore– I’m living in a house out in the suburbs. I drive a car, pay my own rent, buy groceries and cook my own meals.

No, at the moment, my vibrant college life has been put on hold. Instead, I’m getting a taste of… of…


It’s a terrifying prospect. Yet, I think this must be what being “settled down” and “old” feels like?

post 109 image 1

What is this? 


I’m so used to being super-busy, all the time. Well, I’m still pretty busy, all the time. But instead of my schedule being

post 109 image 2

It’s now

post 109 image 3

How can this be? I’m still a teenager! I’m still entitled to do things like

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But instead, I’m just all like

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