Everyone’s a little bit racist…

…even against their own race.

Subconsciously, even.

Including me.

Last month, the Northeastern Vietnamese Student Association held a design contest. They wanted to print some custom hoodies. Photoshop-user as I am, I decided to enter with my own designs, which you can see here.

I entered my design and the VSA members voted on it. And I won! It was very exciting, until my dear roommate noticed something was a little off…

No, they couldn’t. As a result, I was asked to redesign the hoodie with the dog outside of the bowl. But when I did…

The VSA e-board decided to have its members vote again. This time, a different design was chosen– one that, in my opinion, is equally cool if not more cool!

But what about me? The winner of the design contest was promised a free hoodie. Except now, not only had I not won, I wouldn’t be able to get a hoodie of my own design. So the NUVSA e-board cut me a deal.

Was that okay? Hellz yeah it was okay! So I ran off and made another design, just for me.

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson.


18 thoughts on “Everyone’s a little bit racist…

  1. WOW!! I mean, I’m REALLY trying to hold back the horrible (racist) jokes here. OCHEM!!! (cough, cough) Yeah… But, really,

    YOU GOT TO DESIGN A SHIRT FOR YOURSELF FOR “FREE?!?!?” I mean, I’m sorry that you “accidently” designed a racist hoodie design. But, you got to design your OWN hoodie of WHATEVER you wanted. And it was a dragon design! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is SUPER-CRAZY-ULTRA-BANANAS!!! haha! Now for the comment part of the “comment”.

    Question Corner is here!!!

    Only joking!! HAha!…. yeah, that wasn’t funny.

    But seriously, the members of the VSA club picked yours with a plurality (learned this word in Comparative Government class) vote. Does that mean that at least some of the other members are subconsciously racist as well? And another question: Did your friend reveal the designs’ vehemently racist qualities and then somehow pass it on to the VSA supreme leaders? Or did the supreme leaders find out another way?

    You finished Gravity Falls. Nice!

    OK, CRAZY RANDOM thing. I was just trying to copy the title of this post: “Everyone’s a little bit racist…,” but instead I accidently Googled it and here is what the first result was : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be-h0eevE_E. Please don’t listen to this if you are easily offended concerning your race. But, it fits so well with this post. Harah for racism! (Everything said in this comment is meant to be said jokingly. Please do not take anything serious. Except for this.) Time for uhhh… wait…. yeah… One Piece!!

    • AVENUE Q! That’s actually where I got the title for this post! I have yet to see the musical but it looks FANTASTIC.

      Actually, what happened was that the majority of the VSA members didn’t notice the accidental racial implications of my design. Most of them saw it and thought, “Oh, cute husky!” Only a few members actually noticed, and they ended up telling the VSA e-board. Thus, the e-board came to talk to me in person twice: First, asking me to redesign; second, telling me I could make my own hoodie! Which is fine with me. Although…I should have made a One Piece hoodie! That would have been an instant win.

      • Yeeeaaahhhhh……I..uh…wasn’t…going to….uhh…say…anything….about that. But, since YOU brought it up. It would be INSANE to make a Whitebeard design and then have them put it on the back. Then, when walking, you could be like, “YO!! I’M VY!! AND I’M APART OF THE WHITEBEARD PIRATES!” You could be all honoring Whitebeard and his greatness…..BUT NO!! But, you still have a CRAZY hoodie with a dragon paw made out of other dragons!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

        • MANNNN!! I should have done THAT!
          Granted, one of the stipulations of my hoodie is that it’s going to say “Vietnamese Student Association” on the back. So, to have a piece of Japanese culture on the front is a little mismatching!
          Ehh, I should have done it anyway. I tried to get them to print “Northeastern University” in Japanese down the sleeve, but they wouldn’t let me. 😦

  2. That would still be cool! With dragons and stuff. One Piece moment!! NOW, INSTEAD OF BEING WHITEBEARD, YOU CAN GO AROUND BEING MONKEY D. DRAGON!! HAHAHA! I JUST THOUGHT OF THAT!! YEAH FOR ONE PIECE!!

    But seriously, (have you noticed that I say “but, seriously” in, like, every comment. I just did.) obviously you are watching the One Piece subbed versions, unless you know Japanese. However, I started watching One Piece’s dubbed versions. And I thought the show was great and everything back then, but now when I go back to episode 229 or earlier in English, the voice actors do not seem as good as I remember. What happened?! I don’t know! What do you think of the voice actors?

    • Maybe up to episode 229 is when 4Kids was dubbing the series? If I recall correctly, the 4Kids voice cast was terrible. I know around 2007 or so, Funimation took over and completely redubbed the whole series!
      Since I’ve only watch One Piece subbed, though, I have no idea what the Funimation voice actors sound like! *goes to Youtube* Yup, the 4Kids dub was terrible! I mean, Luffy’s voice? WHAT? As for the Funimation voice actors… well, I will love Luffy’s Japanese voice actor, Mayumi Tanaka, forever and I don’t think the English equivalent compares. I do think the actors for Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji are pretty good. *watches more* Nico Robin seems pretty spot-on, too! Ooh, and Nami. I admit that I’m going to keep watching the subbed versions– but nice job Funimation!

      • Funimation currently has it up to 229. They are VERY slowly getting the episodes dubbed. Toei Animation tends to be stingy on letting Funi dub the episodes (even while they know that no one else will step up and do it, and Funi is usually ready to dub more episodes). They have agreed to let Funimation dub all of the Water 7 arc, but those episodes will not be ready until sometime in mid to late 2013. While anyone who is caught up with the series will be forced to watch the subbed versions, it gets very annoying that Toei continues this nonsense, especially when shows like Bleach are only about eighty-five episodes behind in their dubbing. It gets even more annoying since most anime must be watched illegally. Hulu does do a few shows (One Piece is one); however, there used to be many more ways to watch TV shows online.

        Go to Google and type in “watch one piece”. Initially you find a few of the last websites that still exist. The first is the only sure-fire legal website that can show One Piece (it’s owned by Toei and Funimation), the second is what I use that claims to be legal and then a few others, including Hulu. But, if you go down a little farther you see nothing but Chilling Effect blocking websites and destroying them. Earlier this year, in January, everybody who knew what the Internet was was FREAKING OUT over SOPA/PIPA. Okay, niether of them were put into affect and the man (the government) is still trying to find a way to end online piracy. However, because of all the protesting the government DID shut down Meagupload. Megaupload had a popular (illegal) video service called Megavideo. Megavideo was probably one of the best (illegal) internet video services ever. Why? Well, being someone who personally used it, let me tell you. IT WAS AMAZING! You could find a website (there were thousands (and most had Megavideo)) click a video and watch in an instant just about any show in 480p with no waiting for the video to load. And if you were patient. You could watch it in 720p if you waited about ten minutes. High-definition shows of anything for free. THAT’S AMAZING! but illegal. Of course Hulu does something similar, if you watch their commercials, find a good website that does One Piece for free, and then pay if you want 480p and maybe (not sure about this one) 720p. Really, this is just me who knows too much about why you can’t find TV shows online as easily any more. What can we do: NOTHING. What should we do: STOP COMPLAINING AND WATCH ONE PIECE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        Luffy out.

        • MEGAVIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN?! NOOOOO! That actually makes me rather upset. Megavideo was the BEST for watching videos, and then they imposed that limit to how long you could watch videos for, and now it’s DOWN? NOOO!
          It is, in my opinion, also rather sad that Toei won’t let Funimation dub all the episodes in one go. I mean, what’s the point in waiting? One Piece could potentially be bigger in America than it is at the moment! I’ve heard that Bleach is way more popular in the US than it is in Japan, in fact. I believe it, too– when I was in Japan, I saw TONS AND TONS of One Piece stuff but absolutely no Bleach merchandise. Even in Akihabara! (Or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough)
          I agree. We should really just go watch more One Piece. GONNA GO TO HULU NOW, BYE!

  3. The following is an illegal account of what happened. Please delete when finished. Do not attribute to anyone, but to one’s own self. This is qU3$tl0n C0rN3r.

    Male News Reporter Person: So, how do “you” think the war started?
    Hobo: The war? Why, that ’cause those blasted Germans!!
    Male News Reporter Person: Umm… I think your thinking of World War I.
    Hobo: No, no the Germans started this war. And they did not start WW I…. Uhhh, Austria-Hungary had a war declared on Serbia because a Serbian nationalist secret society-
    Male News Reporter Person: Well…That’s Okay, old timer. Not everyone can know their history very well. You’d best go to a library and look up EXACTLY WHY WW I got started.
    Male News Reporter Person: Riiiigghht. (Said to camera man): Woah, he’s crazy!
    How ’bout you? Why do you think the war started?
    Mother with her nine young kids currently with her: Um. Maybe some country was just tired of being annoyed by oblivious people.
    Male News Reporter Person: What are you saying?
    Mother with her nine young kids currently with her: All I’m saying is-OUCH! No pulling Tommy and Gina. Please ask someone else your questions.
    Male News Reporter Person: What do you think?
    Extremely American Man wearing American clothes: No hablo inglés!! (I do not speak English!!)
    Male News Reporter Person: Ah. ¿Qué piensa usted en la guerra reciente? ( Oh. What do you think about the recent war?)
    Extremely American Man wearing American clothes: Oh. Um. Je ne parle pas espagnol. (I do not speak Spanish.)
    Male News Reporter Person: I hate your kind.
    Male News Reporter Person: What about you? What do you think about the war?
    Normal-looking Mexican Man: Lo siento, no hablo inglés. (Sorry, I do not speak English)
    Male News Reporter Person: OH! YOU TOO, HUH!! WELL AIN’T THIS ABOUT A !@#$%^ PLACE!! ALL YOU !@#$% THINK YOU CAN OUT SMART-
    Camera Man: Don, the camera is rolling and live.
    Male News Reporter Person: Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh…. CUE THE CUTE PUPPY PICTURES!!
    (20 seconds later) Male News Reporter Person: We’re back and still asking: “Why do YOU think the war started?”
    Girl the Camera Man finds attractive: Um. Could point the camera at my FACE!?
    Other Girl the Camera Man finds attractive: Hey! Yeah, hi! Umm…I totally think that the fighting with all the uumm.. (sigh) really hot guys was ’cause somebody said something bad about America’s umm.. Stock Market?
    Male News Reporter Person: John, that’s is DEFINITELY NOT THE REASON.
    Other Girl the Camera Man finds attractive (said happily): Well, you’ve ruined my self esteem. Time to go cut myself. Yeah!
    “VACuum FOR U” Employee: The war? Yeah, that’s ’cause those darn “V For Vaccuum” workers. They made Chinese workers angry.
    Hippie (approximately 110 years old): War? We have gone past war. We must umm… (smokes some WHATever) aahhh.. yeah…War? oh, yeah, kills like a million-billion-hundred-thousand nice, lovin’ people every day. We gotta get rid.
    Male News Reporter Person: Well, what do “YOU” caused the war?!

    Man in Shadows: (turns off TV) I think that WE tell you fools what caused the war.
    Location: Top-secret facility
    Commander in Charge: Where are they now?
    Other Man in Shadows: Currently travelling through the Time Stream. They must start from the beginning and move forward quickly to come here.
    Commander in Charge: Good, be ready for them.

    Me, Eiichiro Oda, Scott, and Jerry: WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    Scott and Jerry: SIR, WHAT IS HAPPENING??!?!
    (crazy lights flashing with time travelling sounds; Doctor Who theme song is recommended, but then again YOU DON’T WATCH DOCTOR WHO!)
    God: And so on the fourth day-uuuuummmmmmmm…….
    Me: “um” is right.
    God: I’m not supposed to see you guys for like a- is it a million years? fifty thousand? thirteen billion? I forget.
    (more sounds and lights)
    Budda: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
    Jesus: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    George Washington: If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
    Abraham Lincoln: For score and seven years ago…
    Me: We seem to be travelling through time!! This is amazing! We get to see-
    Bill Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman!!!
    Scott: Heh, Clinton.
    Kim Kardashian: I think if I’m forty and I don’t have any kids and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated. I would feel like Mary – like Jesus is my baby.
    (ALL of these are things that these people really did say, including the Kardashian one)
    Me (from the past): Oh, uh, Scott! We use the bathroom “outside”!! With, like, toilets and stuff.
    Me: HEY, LOOK, US!!
    Oda: That is so weird!
    (crazy blast of speed and even faster lights) (there is obviously no limit to how much I can type here)
    Jerry: I…can’t…see…anything…anymore.
    Me: We’re moving too fast!
    Me, Eiichiro Oda, Scott, and Jerry: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    (They all fall out of a portal)
    Oda: OK!! I’ve had enough of this non-sense!! You idiots probably drugged me or something!! That IS something you would do!!
    Me: Uuuuhh… Guys…
    Oda: What?!?
    Commander in Charge: We’ve been waiting for you… Did you have a nice trip? Because your comfort is what is most important to us.

    • Hey, no reply to Question Corner? That’s why Question Corner exists. At least that’s why Eiichiro Oda created it.

    • I’m not sure how to react to this. Except: LOL AT THE KIM KARDASHIAN QUOTE.
      Also, I am determined to watch Doctor Who! Eventually! Once I watch TTGL and Elfen Lied and High School of the Dead and Tiger and Bunny and also once I play through Bioshock, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed III, and master Halo! Yes!! That is my ninja resolve!!

      • AND JUST WHEN I COMPLAIN THAT YOUTUBE IS CHANGING, “YOU” GO CHANGING AS WELL!! Now, you look all mysterious and all the different pictures of you in comic form. That’s so cool!! Everybody’s gotta change their look some time.

        I had no idea what TTGL was, until I looked it up. Yeah, Gurren Lagann! I am currently watching that show!! It’s so cool!

        But not as cool as ONE PIECE!! I JUST YESTERDAY FINISHED THE LUFFY/LUCCI FIGHT!! THAT WAS CRAZY!! (blah, blah, talk about One Piece, and… stop)

        I’ll try Tiger and Bunny now too, yeah!

        Vi Hart is now on my list of things to do. And speaking of things to do:

        Your list is SO short! I have like a dozen shows and literally fifty games I have to finish. I am horrible.

        Uuuhhh… Yay, for uuhh… hate comments on Tony Harris’s Wiki page, and speaking of complex technology…

        “Text me a photo. Now, you’re not even speaking English!”
        I love that quote from Gravity Falls. And how all Gideon (huh, now there’s two evil Gideons (GF and Scott Pilgrim of course (currently reading that because I liked the movie so much))) wanted was to destroy Stan and his house and how he was so close and able to do it, and Stan STILL would not take him seriously. Hilarious.

        And Elfen Lied and HSotD- nice.

        Evil commander and workers with time-travelling technology and stuff. Evil. They’re evil. See what happens next week on… QUESTION CORNER!

        But, seriously, Luff vs. Lucci. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! NO, WAIT THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!

        • Haha my bad! I was getting tired of the old header, so I whipped up a new one!
          The Luffy vs. Lucci battle is so intense! The Enies Lobby arc is definitely one of my favorite arcs! It’s so intense and amazing and still hilarious and I LOVE ONE PIECE!
          You’re reading Scott Pilgrim?! 😀 Scott Pilgrim is such a great series. I admit I wasn’t totally impressed when I first started to read it (I mean, it’s kind of plotless) but the style and tons of nerdy references totally pulled me in! AND THEN THEY MADE A MOVIE! Excellent choice!

  4. Ooooooo!! I DO have a recommendation for you. While I recommended Elfen Lied, despite its unappealing nature, one must have a remedy for watching Elfen Lied (because it makes you hate humanity). That remedy is Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series!! This is so unbelievably hilarious. Ever think that Yu-Gi-Oh was a boring and/or horrible show. Well, this parody will be sure that you will continue thinking that. Ever think Yu-Gi-Oh is too long (I mean, 20 minutes an episode, REALLY?!)? Well, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series has only 5-minute episodes. That’s right. Only five minutes!! That way you can go back to looking up funny YouTube videos, blogging with friends, looking at cat/panda/puppy/ect. pictures and trying to find a !@#$%^& way to get off of Facebook! But why would you ever WANT to do such stupid things? Especially when you still haven’t finished Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series! Some people think that Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series is not a REAL TV SHOW or that it is a mockery of a children’s show that teaches them how to stop playing with themselves. Well I’ve got news for you &%$#@!*. You don’t know what your !@#$%^& talking about. You people make me so sick- (uuhhh…blah, blah, blah. Keeps on talking and there!) Now, stop reading this clever comment and click here. Well, technically below and/or to the right of these words- YOU KNOW WHAT? CLICK THE COLORFUL LETTERS!! http://www.yugiohabridged.com/page-episodes-reverse Gotta keep it simple for you *@#$%^& KINDERGARTNERS!! (everything said here is to be said in a humorous manner (not that you “understand” humor))

    • AWWWWW YESSSSS!! I LOVE YU-GI-OH THE ABRIDGED SERIES! Especially because, as a kid (well, more kiddy than I am now) I grew up watching Yu-Gi-Oh! That series is HILARIOUS and LittleKuriboh is the man. I still can’t believe he does all those voices. What are your favorite parts? (for me, it’s basically any part with Bandit Keith… because he really does represent EVERY STEREOTYPE JAPAN HAS ABOUT AMERICA)

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