Exhibiting the warning signs of super-nerdy syndrome

I mentioned it before.  This semester has been, for me, so far, to use Californian slang, hella hectic. All my classes are time-consuming. I’m trying to both be social and not fail out of college at the same time. I haven’t even had time to go to the gym. I haven’t even had time to blog. I’m at the end of my tether.

And when a person’s at the end of their tether, survival instincts kick in. Except when you’re me, a stressed out college kid, survival instincts actually means super-nerdy mode. 

Yes. I’m no pre-med student, but I have diagnosed myself with super-nerdy syndrome. Not the I-like-video-games-and-comics-nerd, but the I-study-so-much-I-need-glasses-also-I-don’t-sleep nerd.

I might be wrong on this, though. There are greater nerds than I. Read the symptoms and tell me what you think.

1. I study until I am about to fall asleep on my textbook

Seriously, I determine my bedtime by the time in which I am about to pass out. Sad? Yeah.

2. I passed on watching anime to study instead

3. I had this conversation with my sister

4. I react to this Noah and the Whale song like this:

I have a problem. But it’s alright. Grades are good for something, right?

11 thoughts on “Exhibiting the warning signs of super-nerdy syndrome

  1. My Reactions to this post:

    1.) LeAnn’s euphemisms really rubbed off on you this summer, huh?
    2.) I LOVE NOAH AND THE WHALE. Five Years Time is infectious.
    3.) In actuality, I’m pretty sure a production possibilities curve would be better in determining the marginal benefit (good grades) in relation to the marginal cost (lack of sleep, opportunity costs of lost time that could be spent doing other more enjoyable things, etc). Relating AP economics to life! My teacher would be so proud.
    4.) Invest in a coffee machine.
    ….. I just read number three back to myself. wow. SUPER NERDS UNITE! It’s probably an Asian thing.

      I actually didn’t take AP Econ (so I do not know of the graph you speak of) but my friend recommended the graph x = -1/ (y – 100) since ln(x) goes to infinity the way tests don’t. WE ARE COOL ASIAN NERDS DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT
      And to #4: Wow. My sister said the exact same thing. I was actually thinking of getting a Vietnamese coffee filter, so I could have Viet coffee ALL THE TIME!

      • I’ve found that I’m actually pretty good with theoretical money! Not my own, though. I think it’s because I don’t see a point in algebra or calculus or geometry but economics is applicable to real life.

  2. Oh my God, I laughed so hard at the atomic seperation bit you put in here. . .this is why I hate anything OChem related. (thank God I’m past those three hellish units in Molecular Bio)

    I need my survival instincts/super-nerd syndrome to kick in! This semester is whooping my ass and I’m not doing as well as I need to be. Going to need to start appreciating coffee.

    • I can’t wait to be DONE with orgo this semester! Though of course, that means I get to move on to my own fun days in Molecular Bio and Biochemistry…

      You can do it! There’s definitely a way to balance everything out. We’re going to get through this semester– not just get through, but rock it!

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