Minus One. (#85-91)

A note from the author:

“Whoa! What is this? Why did the comic suddenly jump to the present day?! Wait, and all those comics were taking place a year ago?”

I hadn’t originally planned the comic this way– it was supposed to be linear, from the start of Max’s story to the end! However, my comic was going to be implemented into the study (you know, the real-life one where people are actually using this cell phone app) when the participants were already a year in. Therefore, my boss wanted me to start the story when Max is already a year in, so people could relate better. I still wanted to have the stuff from when he started using the app, though, and somehow how to integrate this in. And thus, the time jumping. I know it’s a bit confusing in the first couple of weeks, and I apologize! From here on out time shall proceed normally.