Welcome to the world of mobile internet

My parents did not know what to get me for my birthday this year. They decided to ask me directly.

I, never opposed to receiving things, answered swiftly.

My mother was especially distressed. She did not just want to give me money, as she knew I would save it away in my bank account forever and ever. Yet all the things I wanted were not really practical. She consulted my dad, who happens to be in love with his newfangled Blackberry Playbook:

And he decided to get an iTouch for me. Now, I’ve never had a smartphone/smart device before. I actually just got texting last year. I’ve always believed that, while smartphones are nice and all, there’s no need for one. I remember my middle school days when kids would always get iPods and iPhones and whatever newfangled devices were out there.

And really, at that age, there’s no need for one. Now, though, I’m in college. I’m almost not-a-teen! I could use an iTouch, right?

Regardless, I was super excited to get my iTouch. I mean, the internet! Instant knowledge whenever I wanted! I could go on Wikipedia at any time! Google things! Look up maps when I was lost! Yes– I would never be lost again! I opened the box with the greatest reverence.

And you always read about all those fancy new apps people are designing. I read PopSci. You can turn your iTouch into a remote control! Use it to start your car! Deposit checks! The possibilities are endless! I had an incredibly powerful piece of technology here, one that could do anything! I just felt so incredibly advantaged to have access to this technology. This was it!

So now, what was I going to go with this little technological marvel? Why, what anyone else would do, of course.

Yeah. I guess I’m just another spoiled suburban kid.






(Okay, okay. So I do check my e-mail and stuff on the iTouch. And I finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray as a result of this iTouch. I DO THINGS WITH IT! I SWEAR!)

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of mobile internet

  1. We’re twins! I’ve had my first laptop for 6 years and it’s basically in pieces; my parents surprised me with an iPad last Christmas! I didn’t really even want it but it’s so useful! Haha and The Picture of Dorian Gray was totally the first book I read on it! 🙂 iBooks is amazing! I honestly never know what I want for my birthday either but maybe I’ll ask for an iTunes card so I can buy more games. >:)

    • Yay! I’m not the only one who has been sucked into the fun of having portable internet 😀
      Good choice of books! I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed The Picture of Dorian Gray. It’s always unexpected when you enjoy something people have to read in school…
      What other books would you recommend? 😀

      • I was surprised by its quality too! Right now I’m trading Don Quixote, it’s pretty good. Anything by Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite, Walt Whitmans Leaves of Grass, and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Some of the Fairy Tale Books in other languages are pretty good!

        • Ohh, I’ve always wanted to read the full Leaves of Grass! I did a project on Walt Whitman in middle school and have wanted to read his stuff ever since. Don Quixote sounds like a winner, too… I’m always in the mood for comedy. Thanks Morgan! Hopefully I’ll be reading those in the near future 🙂

  2. I’m still halfway through Dorian Grey. But not on a smartphone; I bought the book.

    Also, you could still get a guitar if you really want to learn it. Whoever said you couldn’t get lessons. But you have to learn how to maintain/take care of it. Get it restrung every year, for example. Make sure its tuned before you play, which should be easy enough if you have a tuner…

    Just saying.

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