Makudonarudo (McDonald’s, Japan-style)

For those who are interested, there are more photos from my trip on my tumblr! I haven’t been able to blog about everything I’ve done, so it shows several places I visited but haven’t mentioned.

After going to a McDonald’s in Germany, and being shocked at how good it was, I was super determined to go to a McDonald’s in Japan.

Call me weird for wanting to eat American fast food while in Japan, but I wanted to know! One day, on my own, then, I visited a マクドナルド (McDonald’s, pronounced Makudonarudo—or Makudo for short) and ordered some food.

The first thing I noticed was the familiar plastic chairs and tables. It lacked the class of German McDonald’s.

But I ordered food anyway. First was a teriyaki burger…

And then I got, of course, some fries.

It was saddening. But, 大丈夫だよ!Here in Japan, there are plenty of other foods to keep me occupied. During this trip, we get a 1500 yen allowance (about $12) a day to buy food. Mostly (as cheap college students) we’ve been going to cheap restaurants and convenience stores in order to keep within budget (though I’ve definitely been overspending, as I am perpetually hungry.) It may sound bad to you—but to me, I find it delicious:

Chankonabe, a hotpot dish traditionally eaten after watching a sumo match. (Which we did!)

Ramen shops were abundant and cheap in Tokyo.

Fresh sushi at a restaurant near the Tsukiji fish market.

A 280 yen beef bowl at Yoshinoya, a very cheap restaurant.

A bento purchased at a 7-11, which happens to be a very common convenience store around here.

So, yeah. Many exchange students who go to Japan report losing weight during the trip—probably because of the healthier Asian diet and all the walking—but me? Not gonna happen. Not when I have all this food to consume!


8 thoughts on “Makudonarudo (McDonald’s, Japan-style)

  1. Yayyy! I loved your foodie adventures on Viet Girl Goes German, so when I saw this post in my inbox, I flipped. Totally living vicariously through you, Vy.

    Too bad the McDonalds in Japan is so-so…the other food you posted look delicious! Fresh sushi, beef bowls, hotpot dishes…yummy.

    • Yes, the McDonald’s here was a little disappointing… but then again, it’s McDonald’s. What can you expect?
      And there’s enough of other foods to keep me occupied anyway. 🙂

  2. I’ve always been curious about the fast food chains in Japan. I once read that KFC is the place to be during Christmas, for example. And I always wonder about McDonald’s in other countries. In an episode of The Simpsons, they went to McDonald’s in Italy, and it looked pretty classy. I always wondered if it was really like that.

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