Everyday I’m tumbling

I started a tumblr. Well, we know where I’m going to be in my free time…

Okay. Sorry about that.

I have reasons though! Please excuse me as I try to justify its existence:

1. It might not seem like it, but every post I put up here takes several hours to make. Which, given the low quality of the drawings, is pretty sad. Anyway, sometimes I just want to draw short, status-like comics that really aren’t suited for WordPress. Thus, I’ll put ’em on tumblr!

2. I’m not a photographer, but sometimes I do want to put up a photo or two. Thus: tumblr! (This will probably be very relevant when I’m Japan.)

3. Shameless self-promotion.

4. WordPress doesn’t have an “Ask me Anything” function. Why not?!

5. BECAUSE SOME THINGS JUST NEED TO BE REBLOGGED. Although, if you do choose to visit my tumblr, these things are usually extremely, extremely dorky.Ā I just like video games, okay?

Anyway! Tumblrs out there: click the banner below to go to my page!


4 thoughts on “Everyday I’m tumbling

  1. Vy, I hope you know this means I’ll be stalking you 24/7… hahahaha i’m kidding! welcome to the family! I’ve been tumbling for 2 yrs, I’d be glad to show you the ropes of tumblr.

    and to answer the question from your last blog, since I totally forgot to respond, college is great! I’ve honestly never been happier. I’ve definitely found out a lot more about who I am. I hope you won’t be too busy so we can meet up over the summer sometime!

    • Haha that’s be awesome! I definitely had some trouble figuring things out initially. I feel so behind the times… I knew nothing of Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and the like before my friends in college introduced me.

      We should definitely meet up this summer! I’m mostly free once I get back from Japan. And I know how you feel about college– I definitely learned a lot in just a year! šŸ˜€

  2. I’m on the fence about Tumblr…I have a Tumblr…but I just don’t have time to update it often. XD

    But I’ll follow you!

    • Haha, understood! I’m actually feeling the same way. When school starts up again, who knows how often I’ll be able to tumble? šŸ˜›
      For now, though, I figured it’d be fun!

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