I was recently invited to write a post for Aha! Sensei, a blog that teaches the essentials of Japanese. It’s a great blog for beginning Japanese students– I highly recommend it!

And I was asked to write a post about my biggest “aha!” moment while learning Japanese, which would undoubtedly be when I learned about kanji radicals. You can read the post by clicking this link or the image below!

Also, everyone should go to his blog and read it and like it and comment on it. He’s doing an awesome thing for Japanese students, and it deserves as much love as it can get!


2 thoughts on “I WAS INVITED TO WRITE A GUEST POST! What a flatterer.

  1. Awesome! I found your blog through Aha! Sensei, and couldn’t stop reading they whole first page. I’m afraid to look into your archive, I may lose a few days of productivity. But I have definitely subscribed.

    I love how you you convey such pure and real, yet cute and amusing emotions. The Judo comic had me both laughing and crying at your predicament. I don’t know you, but it felt like I did reading that. So thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing ^_^

    And congratulations on yellow belt, and good luck in Japan!!!

    • Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me. I really try hard to keep each post lighthearted and fun while still saying what I want to say, so that’s a huge compliment!
      Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my posts in the future 😀 I’ll do my best!

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