Anime Boston: the nerdpocalypse

I’m not totally running on two hours of sleep. IT’S FINE. THAT’S WHAT 5-HOUR ENERGY IS FOR

7 thoughts on “Anime Boston: the nerdpocalypse

  1. LOL! My computer won’t load more than the first few seconds of the video, but I think it’s funny that I’m not the only one who goes to major events with only a few hours of sleep, hyped on energy drinks. . .I did that with The Hunger Games premiere the other week and lemme tell you, it wasn’t pretty.

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  3. I…uh…I’m not supposed to be here. I thought this was an apocalypse info site. Hmmmmm… must be the rabbits or the noses…. I’m really not sure of which. I’m gonna go now. That convention looked kinda cool. You know, if you like comics and anime…. which I obviously don’t. Not that I COULD ever watch those things. Or any shows for that matter. Might have enjoyed going to one of those things, though, but most of the people who ran them are probably dead. So…. OH! My eggs are ready! Cooked ’em on the roof today. Since, you know, no gas for stoves. If you’re still out there, then come hang out. I’m going to The White House tomorrow, and nobody is gonna stop me.

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