You should read these webcomics as well

Read the first round of webcomic recommendations here!

It’s finals week here at Northeastern. My orgo final is this Friday. I actually need to get stuff done. 

So while I’m doing that, go and read these awesome webcomics:

Cucumber Quest – An adorable comic about bunnies going on an epic adventure together that also parodies stereotypical fantasy stories.

Three Word Phrase – A series of random, often non-sequitur comic strips. Half the time, I swear, I have no idea what’s going on.

Kid RaddI’m recycling this from my super-old blog. It’s basically the comedic story of a fictional video game character who escapes his game and has to adjust to life in cyberspace. Somehow it turns into an existential-action-adventure epic. The entire comic, which was completed in 2004, is composed of 8-bit sprites all designed by the author. Though it’s a bit long, it’s definitely worth the read.

A Modest Destiny – While we’re talkin’ sprite comics, this is one of my first and favorite webcomics. This is another comic that begins as a humorous, fantasy RPG parody but turns into a much deeper, emotional story. All of the sprites and backgrounds, again, are created entirely by the author rather than ripped from video games. Unfortunately, the comic is on what looks like permanent hiatus.

ADDITIONALLY: Anyone have any recommendations? Seriously, though. Good webcomics are hard to come by.