You should read these webcomics

I started blogging by writing about comics. It was embarrassing. But even after I ended it, I still feel the need to share! Thus, quickly, here are some great webcomics I’ve been reading lately. Why webcomics? Well, they’re free, accessible, and absolutely awesome!

1. Buni — a wordless, dark humor comic about a cute bunny whose life sucks. Cyanide and Happiness recommended it a while back.

 2.  feel afraid — An offbeat comic featuring often anticlimatic, random, and morbid humor.

3. Two Guys and Guy — a comic strip about a girl named “Guy” and her two guyfriends. The comic focuses on the friends’ lives, with hilarious results.

Romantically Apolcalyptic — a humorous post-apocalyptic comic showing the lives of survivors in a radioactive wasteland. The main character is “Zee Captain,” a slightly loopy man wearing a captain’s hat. The art is incredible, too!

Interested? Read them! Not interested? Don’t! But I highly recommend all of these, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Also, happy birthday to my dearest sissy! Congrats on reaching the wonderful, wonderful panlindromic year of 22! And, for that matter, thanks for putting up with me for 18 of those precious years!

There is no explanation to this picture. There really isn't.

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