Skater-nerdy-Asian girl

A while back, I got a longboard. I’ve been trying hard to learn how to use it. Every chance I get, I’m outside clumsily skating around, tripping over bumps and running into people.

I feel like there’s a certain stereotype that comes with girls who use skateboards, or in my case, a longboard. You know, the skater girl. Skull cap. Punk sneakers. Graphic print tee. Heavy makeup and a look of rebellion.

But I don’t fit that stereotype. Nope, I am a bona-fide nerdy Asian girl. So what people will see on the street, contrary to their expectations, is this:

People often don’t know what to make of me. Usually they’ll glare as I pass them by, only to be replaced with looks of pity.

My longboard seems to get attention wherever I go. First of all, it’s a bit different from the conventional skateboard we all know. Secondly, it seems like “the skater chick” is, so to speak, a “thing.”

But my progress on the longboard is coming along nicely! Meaning that I can, uh,Β ride on the board, slowly, without falling off.Β I’m awful at turning, though, andΒ I still have trouble steering clear of passerby. More often than not I’ll just pick up my longboard and walk where it’s too crowded. Especially since I don’t know how to stop, besides just jumping clear off the board. It’s a… a work in progress. But it’s a ton of fun!


12 thoughts on “Skater-nerdy-Asian girl

    • I have to say I’ve never seen any Asian girls skateboarding… but WHY NOT? It is SO FUN!
      My parents took it well, though. When I told my mom that I got a longboard, she replied, “And a helmet too?” I’ll be taking my helmet to school when I go back home for Thanksgiving, that’s for sure.

  1. Love it!! I know I’m always nervous when I hear a skateboard behind me. I don’t know why, but I’m always SURE somebody’s gonna smash into my ankles…

    I trust you though!!

    • Hahaha thanks? In all honesty, I wouldn’t trust myself. Personally, bikers make me more nervous– higher velocity, more sharp parts poking you upon impact. Skaters are frightening as well, of course.

  2. OMG I finally find a female longboarder here in Boston. I am also Asian. I just started longboarding a few months ago. Wanna skate sometimes? I need a longboarding buddy.

        • I can, uh, stand on it while it’s moving, basically. My idea of “stopping” is jumping off the board and trying to catch it before it rolls into the street. I need to work on turning better, too, so I stop hitting passerby πŸ˜› It’s a work in progress! πŸ˜€

  3. lol okay. well i think your trucks are too tight, that’s why you’re having trouble to turn or carve. try loosen up the trucks. stopping, you can footbrake. i think you also need better balance, so just remember to bend your knees while you’re riding. ALWAYS bend your knees. how often do you longboard? i’m going to longboard now. winter can’t stop from riding πŸ˜€

    • Hmm, next time I bring my longboard home I can try to loosen the trucks. I’m trying to learn how to footbrake, but am not doing very well at it… I need practice! I don’t have any free time (like, ever πŸ˜› ) so I really only longboard when I need to get places. It’s fun, though! I’ll be longboarding all winter too πŸ˜€

      • I have a skate tool. You can borrow it if you want. I don’t use it that often. Yeah I need to practice as well. None of my friends longboard and I hate longboarding alone. So I don’t longboard a lot these days. This week is getting warmer. I think I will be longboarding this weekend. You down for it? I live in Brigham Circle.

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