In the meantime, go read some other blog. Here’s just a few that I read:

Private Secret Diary


Hyperbole and a Half

Asians sleeping in the library


Postcards from Australia

Reasonably Ludicrous

…I should start a blogroll, shouldn’t I.

3 thoughts on “

  1. I made the blogrollllllll! 😉

    I think you’re on my blogroll. Do I have a blogroll? I think I have a blogroll–yes! I dooo! In my sidebar!

    And I feel your pain in OChem. Except it’s not OChem for me…it’s Math 52. I was delighted when my professor told me that I have a 75%. Heck, man, that means I’m passing. If I’m passing, I’m good!

    But, I am taking General Chem this summer. So you’ll get to gloat.

      • He doesn’t curve–but I did find out that I have a 75% in the class. Hot damn. With any luck at all, I’ll ace this exam on Tuesday and bump it up to a B.

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