Black Friday is a fire hazard

Just playing around with video blogging. No worries, though– I’m not going to be a video blogger anytime soon. Watching myself talk is really awkward.


15 thoughts on “Black Friday is a fire hazard

  1. “Occupy Best Buy!” THAT is what I said when I went to the mall at midnight. . .I went to a whole bunch of different stores and beat lines, but was in line for an hour and a half in H&M, convincing myself that I was there for a social movement.”

    “Kittyyy! Kitty be my friend!” I totally had a flashback to Viet Girl Goes German…making friends with the village cats…AHH NOSTALGIA

    You’re hilarious, Vy. Absolutely hilarious! WHY DO YOU LIVE IN BOSTON?!?! I need more people like you out here. Calling in reinforcements!

    • I tend to talk like that to every cat I meet. It’s sad. Animals are too adorable… it’s their fault, I say!

      Hahaha we need more people like you on the East Coast! We could camp out in clothing stores insisting that we’re protesting big business! It would be a party!

  2. That. Was. Amazing!!!!

    I’m sitting in the library watching this and loving every minute of it. I MISS YO’ FACE!!
    Stupid busy-ness during Thanksgiving break 😛

    Basically, you are hilarious, obviously, and I love the gloves.
    And the freak out at the kitty~

    • It’s okay. We shall redeem ourselves during winter break when we FINALLY REUNITE! HUZZAH!

      Oh I am so flattered… I’m glad you liked it! Basically I finished the video and said, “Dang it, this is crap! I got nothing on the likes of nigahiga or kevjumba! I’m never video blogging again!” But I am glad you got some entertainment!


  3. How many great quotes were there?! “Destroy each other” is correct. People have actually been trampled to death because of Black Friday.
    “Yeah, that’s what it is, babe. Get it all on tape.” And your response is “I like your hat.”
    “We made it inside. And once you get past the first line, you get to wait in a second line.” Yes, how reasonable.

    And then, ” I feel ashamed of myself. I’m getting Grand Theft Auto 4″ Yeah…… WAIT ‘WHAT’?!?! ASHAMED?! ASHAMED?! That game is second to and only to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That game needs to be heralded as the great secondary god of all video games. Oh, wait, everyone already knew about that, then WHY are you ashamed? (maybe it has something to do with the fact that the game has language up the Saints Row, violence and gore just like Mortal Kombat used to make, and its own little Leisure Suite Larry strippers. Only then can you have a game just as horrifying for parents as Duke Nukem Forever, except Duke Nukem Forever got horrible ratings, despite the fact that it has the world record for the delay of a video game: 14 years. Suddenly, GTA turned from a game parents don’t want their kids playing (that means you) into the only game they don’t want their kids playing, but can’t do anything about (that also means you)).

    In the end, you got the game for $20 (nice) and you realize the game’s greatness. And that’s all that really matters. I know too much about video games.

    Don’t die playing GTA 4,

    P.S. Watching yourself speak IS weird. Go to a mirror and just start talking, watching yourself talk, not paying attention to what you’re saying. It’s BONKERS!

    • You’re right– I shouldn’t be ashamed. GTA is SUCH a great game! As long as my parents don’t walk in while I’m playing it, all is well! Then again, they walked in on me playing God of War, so at this point they probably don’t care.

      Duke Nukem Forever got delayed for 14 YEARS?! Man, and I get frustrated with Square Enix!

      And hey, there’s nothing wrong with knowing about video games! I’ve made many a friend just by talking about video games together. And anime, for that matter. Nerds unite!

      • I love God of War!! I must say we like a lot of the same things o.0 (at least in video games, movies, and television), except Pokemon, I dislike Pokemon. and yes, NERDS UNITE! AAAAHHHHH!!!

          • Ah (sigh). It all started a long time ago. When I was younger, I always thought anime was always the weirdest thing in the world. I had never really seen any anime or read any manga, but it always seemed crazy and illogical.
            Few anime shows have ever had any real presence in the US. Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball (Z), Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) and Cowboy Bebop have had the largest presence by far. However, I thought Dragon Ball (Z) was complete bonkers, so I never watched it. I also had no way of knowing the existence of Naruto; Bleach, FMA, and Cowboy Bebop were too old for me. I was, however, incredibly lucky to have never even heard of One Piece (the 4Kids version). I can only remember a glimpse of a boy able to stretch really far, and that was the weirdest thing I had seen of anime yet.
            So, I was stuck with Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. I kind of liked Yu-Gi-Oh, but I never really watched the show (all I know is that when you have the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon or Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon you beat everyone). I would occasionally watch Pokemon, but do to repetitive storylines, grew to dislike it. And so my dislike for all anime was born.
            It would not be until many years later that I would decide to stay up late and watch Cartoon Network’s anime on Adult Swim. I only saw Bleach, Durarara!!, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Luckily, that was all it took to get me to look up anime on the internet and eventually find ONE PIECE!!
            So, uh, to answer that question. I would, unfortunately, have to say that I actively dislike Pokemon due to the fact that the show’s popularity along with other current popular shows, like Digimon, give non-anime watchers a bad view of the genre as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, they are being stupid as well for not giving the genre a chance, but when Pokemon and Yu-GI-Oh do not represent the genre for how great it can be, then they are the failures.

            • That’s fair. Though I watched Pokemon as a kid, I wasn’t really obsessed with the show– as you said, it isn’t that amazing. Rather, I got reallllly hooked to the games, since they are super-addicting and super fun! And that’s why I’m still a fan to this day. But I totally see where you’re coming from– as popular as they are, DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon aren’t the greatest of the great. Entertaining, but not on the same level as, say, FMA or OP!

  4. Contrary to the TV show, the Pokemon video games actually have generally good ratings to them, so even though they are laughed at by players of Call of Duty and/or Mass Effect, they are very much worthwhile to play. But I have never played them.
    Note: this is based purely on the ratings.

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