Free time? What’s that?

Some things are eating my time. More like devouring. College kids don’t sleep? Yeah, it’s true. For me, this is for a couple of reasons:

1. My job.My job as an office assistant, more specifically. Though I only work twice between classes and once after class, it’s still, you know, a time commitment.

2. Volunteering. I’m part of the Civil Engagement Program (CEP)  a community service initiative that requires students receiving full-tuition scholarships to volunteer at least 100 hours a year. I have to partner up with a local organization and work there at least five hours a week– so I’ll be starting next week with Sociedad Latina. I’ll be designing and teaching a biology curriculum to underprivileged Hispanic girls.

3. School. Naturally. Studying and schoolwork takes priority, and time.

All of these together I could handle pretty reasonably, I think. But then one more– just one more opportunity came by that I couldn’t let slip away.

It began before the school year even started:

I applied for the job and included the link to my own blog. Though I was in the mindset of my sister, who said:

As it turns out, my blog is good for something after all! Just recently, the professor running the study at Northeastern sent me an e-mail:

It’s a long story, but I would basically create a daily comic strip about a character trying to lose weight using the study’s cell phone app. I’m not sure how much more I can reveal, since this is a study-in-progress. More importantly, the professor is conducting the study with researchers from Duke University. If they didn’t approve of his idea of incorporating comics, I would be out of business.

So I created some sample comics and sent them in. And waited nervously for two days…

But then, I got:

So I need to create a year’s worth of strips– 365 comics– ASAP. It’s more or less like creating a newspaper-style daily strip, four panels, black and white, for a year. This is a paying job, which is beyond me– getting paid for drawing? Impossible! So now, I’ve got:

It’s a lot. But I’m too stubborn to give up any of them. I want to do everything! It’s a problem. But I’m super-determined to do this. I can do it. It just means less free time and less shut-eye. I think it’s a fair trade.

11 thoughts on “Free time? What’s that?

    • Hahaha I wishhh… the only people who get to read my comic are the people participating in the study. I’m going to ask if I can release them online once the study is over, though. You work hard too! 😀 How’s everything going with SAT’s/etc.?

    • I really really want to take art classes! Naturally, so far, I haven’t been able to fit it in but I am totally taking an art class eventually. Haha, I had some crazy times in high school, too… in senior year there was a point where I had 4 AP classes, tennis season, college applications, and two jobs. Yeah, don’t do that. Anyway, for now my schedule is overtaken by super-nerdy classes… typical! 😛

  1. AH! Congrats on the comic-job and the volunteering and all sorts of awesomeness! You’re such an inspiration! *goes back to Math 50 homework*

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  3. VVYYYYYY!!! GOOOOODD JOOOOBBB! That is what I would say in the world of One Piece, but since we are not 😦 I can say great job Vy, you remind me of my nakama.

    Keep it up,

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