Newbury Street is not for poor college students

Newbury Street. It’s a popular tourist destination in Boston, known for its diverse shopping and restaurants.

This shopping also includes a Forever 21 and an H&M, so my roomies and I decided to make a day out of it. A girls’ day shopping!

Turns out, Newbury Street is just a little out of our price range.

As I failed to realize then (but I did later, thanks to Google) Newbury Street is home to many private boutiques and cafés. Those classy designer stores with the tailored suits and high-end clothing, I mean. This shop is pretty representative of what the stores on Newbury Street look like:

Newbury Street also features many Europe-reminiscent open-air restaurants:

And private art galleries:

We saw an “international poster gallery” and tried to get some prints for our dorm. No such thing:

Sales on Newbury Street often look like this:

Despite the general non-affordability, I’d recommend tourists to go to Newbury Street anyway! If you dig for it, you may be able to hit gold. (As my roomies and I did at the mainstream H&M.) Newbury Street makes for a nice walk, anyway– visitors can enjoy the laid-back, artsy atmosphere and beautiful New England architecture.

My roomies and I certainly enjoyed trying to figure out the more hipster stores:

So, kids, where do you like to shop? Where’s it cheap and where’s it good? Tell me, I could use the advice!