Newbury Street is not for poor college students

Newbury Street. It’s a popular tourist destination in Boston, known for its diverse shopping and restaurants.

This shopping also includes a Forever 21 and an H&M, so my roomies and I decided to make a day out of it. A girls’ day shopping!

Turns out, Newbury Street is just a little out of our price range.

As I failed to realize then (but I did later, thanks to Google) Newbury Street is home to many private boutiques and cafés. Those classy designer stores with the tailored suits and high-end clothing, I mean. This shop is pretty representative of what the stores on Newbury Street look like:

Newbury Street also features many Europe-reminiscent open-air restaurants:

And private art galleries:

We saw an “international poster gallery” and tried to get some prints for our dorm. No such thing:

Sales on Newbury Street often look like this:

Despite the general non-affordability, I’d recommend tourists to go to Newbury Street anyway! If you dig for it, you may be able to hit gold. (As my roomies and I did at the mainstream H&M.) Newbury Street makes for a nice walk, anyway– visitors can enjoy the laid-back, artsy atmosphere and beautiful New England architecture.

My roomies and I certainly enjoyed trying to figure out the more hipster stores:

So, kids, where do you like to shop? Where’s it cheap and where’s it good? Tell me, I could use the advice!

4 thoughts on “Newbury Street is not for poor college students

  1. AH! This post is killing me! Vy, you’re my buddy. My college buddy. Cause I’m moving to that college town (could this real estate deal go ANY slower?!) and it’s got stuff just like this. . .ahaha. I’ll send you pics one of these days.

    New England architecture. ❤ I'm DYING for it. Not that Cali's new-age-hipstaaa kind of coolness isn't…well, cool, but I really love historic-European type buildings. 🙂

    Let's see, good college town stops: Cost Plus World Market–tons of neat stuff. Furniture. Body/bath stuff. Wall hangings. Amazing food. Trader Joes–need I say more?

    Also, for cheap clothes, there's this place called Pluto's Closet. They have brand-name stuff for thrift-store prices. I like it. Uhm…other than that, I like formal-ish clothing/'high school prep' kind of stuff, clean cut looking, so I generally like hitting up H&M, Abercrombie (ugh, I know), JCPenny…GO WHERE THE SALES ARE.

    • GO WHERE THE SALES ARE! Haha, that’s my kind of shopping! Aww, I wish there was a Cost Plus or a Plato’s Closet near here! I have been to Plato’s Closet before; there’s one near my sister’s university. Man, even the consignment stores are expensive in Boston!
      But I think there is a Trader Joe’s around here somewhere… I have to look it up! I’ve heard great things about that place! 😀
      Haha, as much as I love New England buildings, I would love to see California architecture as well!

  2. I can’t believe that you have a Jack Wills in the States- their clothes are considered ridiculously over-priced even back in the UK. On a positive note though, I really like your comics!

    • Hahaha thank you! I’m glad you like them! My friends and I merely looked through the window of Jack Wills and knew it was unaffordable. Newbury Street seems to have a couple of stores that originated from the UK, though, which I thought was awesome. Britain is fashionable!

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