My calc professor scares me

I took the AP Calc AB and BC exams in high school, so I can exempt the classes at Northeastern. However, bio majors have to take a year’s worth of calculus anyway– a specific course engineered to teach calculus as applied to biology.

Calc is my worst subject. Always.

And this is how my calc professor introduced the class:

He went on.

He went on.

By the end of his speech, I looked like this:

This class is gonna be a good time.


2 thoughts on “My calc professor scares me

  1. AH! He reminds me of my Math 50 professor…who is Indian…with a very thick accent…who shouts at the class. My tutoring group jokes about how we don’t use parenthesis, we use PARENT-THE-SEAS. Lol.

    Except you’re in an advanced calculus class…which is much harder…

    • Math is difficult all-around! No matter what level you are, if you’re learning it for the first time, it’s going to be difficult. In my math-challenged opinion. I have heard some terrible stories about incomprehensible teachers. My calc teacher mentioned here is actually a very good teacher, though, he’s just… frightening… and intimidating. :O

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