Koala bears or physics lecture? I think we all know what I chose.

Every time I told my friends that I was going to Australia, they would say:

post 149 image 1

Or if they were feeling particularly creative,

post 149 image 2

After all, they’re Australia’s national icons, right? Yet a month had gone by and I had not yet seen a kangaroo or a koala. Thankfully, I had booked a trip to the Sydney Wild Life Zoo, where some international kids and I would be eating breakfast among the koalas.

Therefore, a friend and I woke up at the crack of dawn and hopped a bus to Darling Harbour. Neither of us had slept much the night before, so we were pretty tired when we entered the zoo.

post 149 image 3

post 149 image 4

post 149 image 5


post 149 image 6

One of the zookeepers graciously gave us a tour of the zoo. The zoo is quite small, mind you– it’s located in downtown Sydney, after all– but there was enough to keep me awake.

post 149 image 7

One dangerous snake!

Two dangerous snakes!

Two dangerous snakes!

post 149 image 9

Three dangerous snakes!

Australian wild life is no joke! Check out this crocodile, Rex:

post 149 image 10

Seriously, this guy is not to be trifled with.

post 149 image 11

Yowza. Heck, even this fine bird…

post 149 image 12

…is hazardous!

post 149 image 13

Oh, Australia. It’s okay, though. This country has plenty of adorableness to make up for it!

post 149 image 14

Tasmanian Devil!



post 149 image 17




post 149 image 18


post 149 image 19

At the end of our tour, we reached a rooftop cafe surrounded by trees and koalas. Here, we ate our breakfast with these guys staring at us the whole time:

post 149 image 20

post 149 image 21

Koalas actually sleep for 20 hours a day! We got lucky and arrived right when the koalas were being fed, so we were able to see them while they were awake.

post 149 image 22

post 149 image 23

Though, after eating, they went right back to sleep.

post 149 image 24

post 149 image 26

post 149 image 25

It was really a lovely experience. We had a nice breakfast, got to see the koalas (but not pet them– having tourists handle koalas is outlawed in New South Wales, apparently) and even got our photo taken with one. Around 9, I decided to head out. I had a 10AM lecture that I wanted to catch. I grabbed my friend.

post 149 image 27

We headed back towards the entrance, taking our time looking at all the animals again.

post 149 image 28

post 149 image 29

We reached the entrance.

post 149 image 30

post 149 image 31

So we went through the zoo for a third time.

post 149 image 32

post 149 image 33

After a little bit of wandering, we managed to find the exit, which was located at the end of a long series of pathways.

post 149 image 34

And we got to the exit…

post 149 image 35

Back we went through the zoo for a fourth time.

post 149 image 36

And, for the fourth time, we went past the crocodile…

post 149 image 37

The kangaroos…

post 149 image 38

The various lizards and reptiles…

post 149 image 39

…and through the nocturnal exhibit, down the series of hallways, through the gift shop, and finally, the exit.

post 149 image 40

So maybe I missed my physics lecture. But hey, just this once– I think it’s totally worth it.

post 149 image 42

post 149 image 43

post 149 image 41

For sure.