Minus One (Ending Bonus)

Wow, I can’t believe a year’s gone by since I started posting Minus One! I know the comic’s over, but I needed to flush out my final thoughts.

post 136 image 1

post 136 image 2

post 136 image 3

Whew! And that’s really it. Thanks again to everyone who read along!

10 thoughts on “Minus One (Ending Bonus)

  1. Hi Vy,

    a bit of topic, however…cute !!

    Q: Are you effected by the loan rising?

    Have a nice week !


    • That photo is incredibly cute!
      And, A: You’re talking about student loan rates rising, right? EXTREMELY luckily, I’m not– Northeastern gives me a generous scholarship that allows me to avoid loans. For now, anyway– we’ll see what happens when I go to graduate school!
      You have a lovely week as well!

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